I Got A Lash Lift!

Monday 14 August 2017

what is a lash perm

Every now and again I get an opportunity to do something unexpected through my blog. I actually really enjoy getting to try new beauty services that I wouldn't otherwise in the name of blogging science: waxes, medical facials, and today, lash lifts.

In June I was asked if I wanted to come to Beauty Babe Lounge for a lash service of my choosing. My options were lash extensions or a lash lift. From prior research I know that lash extensions are not right for me: you basically can't wear eye makeup or use eye makeup remover while you have them. And once you have them, they fall out in little clumps so you have to keep getting them refilled. I know some women love lash extensions, but at this point in my life I don't think they're right for me. For one, I'm a beauty blogger so I need to be able to wear eye makeup. For two, I couldn't live without my winged liner. So that left me with the lash lift. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I did it so that way you would.

Before Your Appointment

- Shower the morning of your appointment and give your hair a wash. You won't be able to get your lashes wet for the 48 hours following your appointment.

-Don't wear makeup to your appointment. Your lashes have to be clean before they are permed/lifted.

what is a lash perm

This is what the perm/lift kit looks like.

My Experience

I arrived at Beauty Babe Lounge one day after work wearing minimal makeup. I was given specific instructions once I was there to remove my makeup with the products they provided.

I was worried that the chemicals from the perm solution would burn my eyes the way that lash tints usually do, but that was not the case. I actually found this more comfortable than tinting my lashes -- to the point that I basically fell asleep while it was being done. Probably the most interesting feeling was having my lashes brushed on repeat to get them to the correct positioning.

I also got my lashes tinted once the lift was done. That burned like it usually does. I was amazed that the lift did not burn my eyes at all.

When my appointment was done I was a bit amazed that I could feel my lashes on my eyelids. They were so curled back! I am glad that I opted for the medium (average) curl!

lash lift before and after

After Your Appointment

Take care not to get your lashes wet for the following 48 hours.

A day or two after my appointment my lash lift "fell" a bit (just like curled hair does after you leave the salon) and that is when I fell in love with my new lashes. There were several days that I went to work with my tinted and lifted lashes just as they were. And when I added mascara they had so much drama to them!

The biggest question I was asked about this experience was how long they lasted. That question is partly why I had my lashes done in June and am writing the post in August. I wanted to make sure I was giving the most accurate answer possible.

My appointment was on June 20th or so. For the first few days my lashes felt too curled. After two days my lashes fell and I was obsessed. Over the next four weeks they held their shape and had real drama to them. By week five I could tell they were getting back to normal and by week six they were basically back to normal. At the time of writing this post I am now nine weeks from when my lashes were lifted and you wouldn't be able to tell that they ever were. I was actually thinking the other day about how much I missed my dramatic lashes.

I love that after the 48 hour setting period that you can live your life -- go swimming, wear makeup, shower, without having to worry about your lashes.

I would completely go and get my lashes lifted again. I loved the results and I miss how dramatic my lashes were. I love how WOW they looked with mascara. If you have a special occasion coming up I would suggest getting your lash lift two weeks before the event in order to get the best possible lashes! I am thinking about booking an appointment for the fall, and would definitely book one before  a big event like a wedding.

A lash lift with Wendy at Beauty Babe Lounge costs $60, and a tint costs $25.

Located at 2463 Yonge Street (Yonge & Eglinton), Beauty Babe Lounge offers a range of lash and brow services including lash extensions, lash liftss, brow shaping and brow tints.

My service was provided for me to review on my blog. Opinions remain my own!

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