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Friday 24 October 2014

This week was midterms, which were pretty brutal.  I was pretty happy to find that an order I made "just because I had a coupon" arrived probably on the day I needed it most.  Sometimes life is sweet like that.

I ordered Julie (the sparkly pink October Birthstone) and Ava, a frosted pink with a hint of shimmer.

How stunning is Julie?

I found doing 1 mani took about 1/5th of the bottle which is disappointing.  I used Jules as a base and then did two or three coats of Julie depending on the nail.  she gives a beautiful almost foil dipped effect with all the differently sized and shaped glitters.  For everyday wear I found her pretty annoying as she snagged on things.  A top coat really helped on day two.  I think Julie (named after the ever so graceful Julie Andrews, aka Mary Poppins aka Queen Clarice Renaldi of Genova ... <3 aka the Queen in Shrek...) is the prefect special occasion shade!  

I finally found a use for the Julep cat stickers I ordered!  I found the cat to look pretty sweet as an accent nail on Ava.  Ava is more baby pink than frosted, with a subtle shimmer.  This was a back up bottle for me-- one of my all time favourite Julep shades!

What was your latest "just because" gift?

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