September Empties, Purge & Update

Saturday 4 October 2014

Where did this month go?  It was here and then it was gone!

This has been a crazy, hectic, busy, fun, empowering month for me.  I'm back in class now taking a mix of classes I find interesting and classes I tolerate because I have to.  I have a part time job that I love.  And, today I made a huge decision and decided to invest in myself and get a personal trainer.  Our first official workout is bright and early Monday morning.  With that in mind I am sure that this blog will begin to include healthy living...and makeup.  Lately my body has been sore and tired all the time as I have started going back to the gym very frequently doing the workout my personal trainer made for me during our first meeting a few weeks ago.  All I can say is the stuff he has me doing is way more brutal than the treadmill I have been using this summer.  I am really excited about this new healthier chapter in my life!

Granted, my room is still a total mess from moving back home but I am planning to make a dent in it tonight.  I just don't know where to start.  I would love to have one of this pretty rooms where I can display my makeup and jewellery.  Right now everything just looks like a mess.


Marc Anthony Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner - LOVE.  I love how it smells and how rich and creamy the formula is.  Such a treat in the shower.
Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo - Meh.  
Caudalie Face Cream - Like.  I could see myself using this on a regular basis.  Light, absorbs well.  Not sure yet though.
Ole Hendriksen On the Go Face Cleanser - LOVE.  This orange scented face wash is a staple in my life.
Living Proof Restore Conditioning Treatment - LOVE.  The best deep conditioner I have so far tried.  I love how thick and creamy it is, and how I can feel the results in my hair for the rest of the week.
Living Proof Prime Spray - Like.  I bought the full size and I use it...but not as much as I use other products.
Body Shop Shea Body Scrub - Like.  Nice smell and wonderful texture, butI prefer their Honey scent.
MAC Blush "Vintage Grape" - LOVE.  Sadly this colour goes for like $70 on E-bay.  My favourite all time contour/blush.  The perfect deep purple shade.  sadly it fell for the 4th time and shattered beyond repair.  Typically I use the rubbing alcohol method but it was too far gone even for that. :'(
Joico Deep Conditioner - Meh.  Doesn't compare to the Living Proof conditioner.
Dr. Jart+ BB Cream  - Meh.  Nice enough product, but there about 8 different BB creams I prefer so sorry not sorry.

Even More Empties

Based on the foil packet samples I really love the Air de tent by Lancome (foundation in 005), Glamglow Thirstymud (which I already own in full size), Ole Hedriksen Melt Cleanser, his Power Peel, and the Marc Anthony Coconut Deep Conditioner.

The Purge

I counted and I have 41 unused mini mascaras.  That is ridiculous.  So, I am making a concerted effort to use them, to pitch the ones I don't like, and to pitch the ones that reach the 3 month mark.

On the left is my favourite Stila liner.  I love it for a simple cats eye.

The Dior mascara and Smashbox Full Exposure are two of my all time favourite mascaras.  I love the bug fluffy brush and the volume they build.  It made me sad to throw these out, but if they are still my favourites once I get through the other 41 mascaras then I will happily buy them again.

The Buxom mascara was a real surprise for me.  I loved it-- very lengthening.  Its on my list to possibly purchase when I get through my pile.

These have been lurking around my bathroom since who knows when.  If I can't remember when I bought it then its been too long and needs to go.  Besides, they were taking up precious real-estate that could have been filled with products I actually love.

So that's it for my September update.  Hope things have been great with you!  Happy October <3

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