The Friendsgiving Collection | Julep October 2014

Saturday 25 October 2014

All photos are from that post.

This collection had me totally on the fence.  On one hand... mmm neutrals.  And mascara... On the other hand...I have all of the neutrals ever, and more mascara than I will ever use.

Of course the logical thing was then to order both neutrals and mascara, but I digress.

So pretttttttttttttty with golden glitter and sparkles and perfection.

Julep you know me so well.

Top: Shari, Sawyer, Marzia
Middle: Kiki, Joanne, Jessie
Bottom: Isla, Fazia, Devon

Julep, why so many pretty navy blues?

Julep encouraged mixing these two mascaras. I am looking forward to giving it a try!

I finally settled on Marzia, Kiki, Isla, Shari, Devon, Bonnie (champange shimmer add-on) and the two mascaras.  I am the most curious about trying Devon.  99% of me said not to order Isla, since I have a whole whack of navys, but I love  Thankfully I had a bunch of Jules to apply to this order!

These colours remind me of a pretty fall walk, with a Starbucks in hand and a shimmery circle scarf.  Maybe walking around campus with friends?  Either way I can not WAIT to wear these next month!

What did you end up ordering?



  1. I love Inglot Cosmetics – it mixes both roguish and sweet characteristics and looks perfect on you! Hot fashion is always admirable.

    1. I actually JUST did a post on them! Love their eyeshadows.