The Art Walk Collection | Julep September 2014

Monday 6 October 2014

I actually really, really love this collection.  The only part I didn't one was when Julep casually forgot to ship my red and magenta plush pouts.  I was waiting to post this until they arrived but its been weeks and theres no sign of them.  So...

From left to right: Kirby, Quinn, Mary Lee, Ryan, Elaina, Mahima, Lupita, Fifi, Erin

Elaina, Mahima, Mary Lee, Quinn, Erin, Kirby, Fifi, Ryan, Lupita

For me the real winner this month was Lupita.  Seriously, a perfect coverage creme that simply screams fall.  Paired with the Almond Nude Plush Pout? Perfection.  I was getting compliments all day.  I actually loved both products so much that I ordered backups.  Oops?

I wasn't much of a fan of Mary Lee.  I was really excited about her satin formula.  However she was much darker than I anticipated, had a funky smell, and an awful wear time.  Great in theory, but not so much in practice. 

Swatch time!

I ordered all four Plush Pouts this month, but only two arrived (sad face).  I called Julep and they were nice enough to send me what I ordered.  But they won't  be arriving for at least another week.  Seriously excited to try Cardinal Red.  In general I don't find the core any more moisturizing than the rest of the product.  But thankfully that wasn't the draw of this product for me.

Aurora Pink (top) is pretty, but I find it isn't flattering on my super pale skin.  I find it gives me a bit of a porcelain doll look, but not in a good way.

Almond Nude on the other hand I just can't stop gushing about.  It is just a flawless colour that looks laid back but professional and pretty.  My boss actually said my nail polish (Lupita) and my lip stick were a perfect match.  So clearly she and Julep know whats up.

Swatches of Almond Nude and Aurora Pink!

Lupita looking flawless

This was a little nail experiment I tried and totally fell in love with.  Eliana for a base and Mahima for the accents.

Right now I am not impressed with Julep's shipping and packaging.  I was pretty bummed to be missing out on the two lip products I ordered.  I love Julep, but right now I just don't like them very much.  Over all this collection was out of the park. Plus, being able to upgrade with Jules was a nice little perk ;)

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