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Thursday 24 December 2015

Look Good Feel Better Sears Makeup

A few weeks ago the nice people behind Sears Canada's Look Good Feel Better campaign reached out and asked if I wanted to attend.  The short story is that yes, I did want to attend.  The long story is that I had a work event going on at the same time, and usually real life has to come before blog life.  However they were kind enough to offer me some products to review!
The event took place on December 3rd, and included beauty tutorials, gift bags, and more.  Tickets cost $10, with $2 benefiting Beauty Gives Back's Look Good Feel Better, and $8 which could be put towards your purchase of cosmetics or fragrance.  Funds from this event benefited girls ages 12-18 as they live with, and beyond cancer.  I've seen first hand the effects that cancer has on a woman's body image.  I know some may say that this doesn't cure the disease, but it does have an important impact on the patient's ability to feel her best, and I think that that matters too!  Look Good, Feel Better is Canada's only charitable cancer program that is dedicated to managing cancer's effects on the appearance.

Each of these products is available at Sears Canada (and other beauty counters and stores).

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair ($75) is a wonderful anti-ageing product.  I have been using it for the last few weeks and have found my skin brighter and more hydrated.  I can't speak for its long term impact because, hey, I'm only 22!  I haven't really aged yet.  However I know that the best time to fight signs of ageing is before it even starts!  I find this product has a strong scent, however it is pretty much gone after a few minutes. 

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm ($50) really brings together skincare and make-up.  It can be used as a 10 minute mask to re-energize the skin, or as a primer for your make-up.  Think about that for a minute: You can leave this mask on your skin all day.  You can go to work or to the grocery store with your make-up all done up meanwhile you are also doing some good for your skin!  How neat is that? I find my skin is brighter, and better hydrated since I started using this.  I love bringing together skincare and make-up.

Clarins Paris Moisturizing Long-Wearing Lipstick #716 ($27) is a flattering, hydrating glossy red lipstick.  This colour really is the perfect holiday red, and I have enjoyed wearing it to a few parties this month!  I always get compliments on it.  One coat is enough to cover my lips in this glossy, opaque red.  Wear time is good, and it fades nicely into a bit of a stain.  Aka: low maintenance.

swatch Clarins Paris Moisturizing Long-Wearing Lipstick #716

Wearing my new Clarins lipstick!

Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense in Intense Chocolate ($20) is a great everyday brown eyeliner.  The price doesn't break the bank (at least in terms of higher end products) and the colour would be flattering on most skin tones.  While I gravitate towards a slick black cat's eye, a chocolatey brown eyeliner can really make gold eyeshadow pop.  Also-- great to keep in your purse for those days you rush out the door!  I find this liner has a good wear time, and that with some primer it lasts all day!

swatch Clarins Paris Moisturizing Long-Wearing Lipstick Clinique Eyes Intense Chocolate Eyeliner

Swatches of my Clarin's lipstick and Clinique Liner

Over all I am really excited about these products.  I have tried samples of Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair before, and am always game for more red lipsticks, but for me the real winner was Clarins Beauty Flash Balm! Such an innovative product-- a mask or a primer?  Still can't get over that-- and great results too.

I really wish I could have attended the event in person, but as I said, work life sometimes (read: almost always) has to come before blog life.  Hopefully the timing next year will work better for me!  And in the mean time it was great to try some of their products and help bring some attention to the great work they do!

What are your favourite ways to give back while doing something you love?

Happy Christmas Eve xoxo.

All products were provided for my review.  All prices are in CAD.

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