Stila Eternally Yours Liquid Lip Set | Holiday 2015

Wednesday 16 December 2015

This set is currently sold out.  However the majority of these lipsticks are available year round at Shoppers Drug Mart and Sephora.

Stila Eternally Yours Liquid Lip Set

One of my favourite things about holiday make-up collections is the chance to grab up sets of products I love in a whole bunch of colours.  Stila's liquid lipstick formula is one of my favourites: it lasts all day without totally drying out my lips, and the colour packs a real punch.  This set of minis is no exception.  My love affair with Stila started with their liquid eye liner pen, graduated to their convertible colour blushes (hi Peony!) and landed me in front of their matte lipsticks.  Other than this set I own a mini Beso and a full sized Veneztia. 

Stila Eternally Yours Liquid Lip Set of 6

From left to right: Caramello, Patina, Aria, Como, Chianti, Fiery

At first glance I was most excited to try Patina and Aria.  I wasn't sure what to think of Chianti-- totally outside of my comfort zone! As with any matte lipstick I recommend giving your lips some TLC before application.  Start with using a lip scrub (I suggest Lush's Bubblegum Lip Scrub!)  prior to application.  If your lips are dry and flaky applying a lip balm for ten minutes and then wiping it off may not be a bad idea.

Stila Eternally Yours matte Liquid Lip Set of 6

This product has a standard doe foot applicator.

stila liquid lipstick Caramello swatch

I was pleased that Caramello did not wash me out like expected.  This pretty almond nude is one of their more drying formulas, but I love the colour.

stila liquid lipstick patina swatch

Patina is one of the more luminous mattes (does that even make sense?) of this set.  It is a beautiful dark rose shade that is super flattering, and I have enjoyed wearing this to work over the last few weeks.  Applied in the morning, after a tea, breakfast, and lunch I only need minimal touch ups by the end of the afternoon.

stila liquid lipstick aria swatch

Aria is a beautiful cranberry red that is *perfect* for this holiday season.  This long lasting formula means you can sip Merlot all night long while still looking flawless.  But actually-- super flattering and long lasting.  #love

stila liquid lipstick como swatch

Oh kay so Como.  I was not expecting this electric purple to be so bright.  This is entirely outside of my comfort zone.  I found I needed two coats of this lipstick to be fully opaque, and even then the formula was not perfect.  This was probably the dud in the set for me.

stila liquid lipstick chianti swatch super dark

For whatever reason I couldn't get a photo of Chianti for the life of me.  The formula really did fully cover my lips, and my camera just couldn't focus.  I thought this was a wild colour, but the dark vampy share really grew on me and my pale skin.  It has a certain elegance about it.

Fiery is a super flattering holiday red.  I love that I can wear this to a party or dinner and now have to worry about touch ups!

To sum it all up, this is a fantastic formula and an all-round fantastic product.  I love that this set pushed me outside of my comfort zone, and that it empowered me to try something different.  Chianti is actually a stunning and powerful colour to wear.  I can't wait to wear it somewhere nice.  As always with matte lippies, use a lip scrub before use, and moisturise after! 

Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick can be purchased here from Sephora and here from Murale for $31 each.

Have you ever tried this formula?  Do you love it as much as I do?


  1. Aria and Patina are gorgeous!

  2. They're all so pretty! I LOVE the Stila liquid lipsticks!

    1. agreed! They are some of my favourite lipsticks! I heard they are coming out with more for the spring... :)

  3. I actually really love Chianti on you! It looks amazing with your pale complexion. This set seems like a great deal, especially if there's only one dud. The other shades all look really lovely!

    1. Thank you! I really grew to love it, and while I haven't (yet) rocked it outside of my living room, I think I will next time I am having a shopping day. Agreed re: value :)

  4. Aria is gorgeous!!! I have not tried these Stila liquid lipsticks before, they look awesome!