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Monday 7 December 2015

"I'm on the right track baby,
I was born to be brave."

Too Faced Born This way Porcelain

One thing I rarely review is foundation. As a pale girl with a neutral complexion I find most foundations are too yellow/dark/pink on me. Why can’t I find the neutral to pink foundation of my dreams? I was excited to get the chance to test out this foundation from Too Faced. I had heard good things from other bloggers: oil free, full coverage, beautiful finish. Sign me up.

While there are many powerful ingredients in this foundation, I was most excited about the inclusion of coconut water. Known to be hydrating, and generally good for your skin and body, I have never really heard of it in other foundations. I’m really excited about the movement towards good for you make-up.

The packaging of this foundation is sturdy: a frosted glad bottle with a great little pump. The gold detailing is a lovely touch!

This foundation comes in 18 shades, ranging from “Snow” to “Mahogany”. Today I am reviewing “Porcelain”—the perfect shade for me. I think what makes me the most excited, as a pale girl, is that for once I am not the lightest shade in a range! My boyfriend and I found it funny that my shade is “Porcelain” because he often laments that I look like a Porcelain Doll by the time I am done a full face of make-up.
Too Faced Born This way Porcelain

Too Faced Born This way Porcelain Swatch

Porcelain swatched.

Porcelain is fair with neutral-to-pink undertones. Aka perfect for me. In terms of the finish: one pump covers my imperfections and evens out my skin tone. A second pump leaves the skin too shiny, in my opinion. I like to use a finishing powder after this foundation to reduce some of the glow on my forehead and t-zone. Rather than concealer, when I need it I just add a tiny dot more under my eyes and it more than does the trick!

Overall I am really happy with this foundation. For the longest time I have only really used Dior foundation, and I am really excited to have found another formula to reach for. This foundation really makes me feel glamorous. I always feel selfie-ready wearing this. Neither matte nor dewey I would just describe this finish as natural perfection. Not crazy photoshopped or anything, just every day glam.

wearing Too Faced Born This way Porcelain

Keeping the rest of my make-up simple.

wearing Too Faced Born This way Porcelain

My only complaint is that once this foundation is “done” there is still plenty to scrape out of the bottle. I was able to get another week’s worth of use from the leftovers once I removed the lid and used my little spatula. Since wearing this foundation for the first time I have re-purchased it once, and plan to do so again. This foundation has a new forever home in my collection!
This foundation retails for $49 at Sephora and $55 at Too Faced.

wearing Too Faced Born This way Porcelain

Halloween I went as Queen Elsa.  This foundation is great for fancy events or day-to-day wear.

P.S. I love using this foundation with Hangover Refreshing Primer. Something about the coconut water working together.

Have you tried this foundation yet?  What do you think of it?

Product was provided for my review.

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