Rinse Beauty Bar | An Introduction*

Sunday 10 January 2016

Rinse Beauty Bar review

Winter Blues got you down?  Feel like you need a touch of the Caribbean, but can't book a flight down south?  Might I suggest that you book yourself an afternoon at Rinse Beauty Bar in southern Etobicoke?
Just before Christmas I had the opportunity to try out some of Rinse Beauty Bar's services.  Located at 658 The Queensway, Etobicoke, this is the perfect spot for West End ladies!  While it was a bit of a treck out for me from Scarborough, the services were so lovely that I would make the commute again.

I was welcomed by June and Andrea: the sisters behind the brand.  They were both so warm, welcoming, and friendly that I felt like I was getting my nails done at a friend's place.  My esthetician, Alisha was absolutely lovely.  It was clear that she enjoyed working here, and that she took pride in her work.

Rinse is an environmentally focused beauty bar.  They focus on natural products that are good for their clients, and good for their environment.  Some of my favourite products they used on me while I was there were from Koya Natural Skincare (owned by their sister-in-law) (seriously, Sugah Sugah scrub was divine).

Rinse Beauty Bar review pedicure

I started off with a pedicure.  Andrea explained that it was much more hygienic not to have jets in the foot bath (the more you know).  I noticed that Alisha took great care to use new products to scrub and buff my feet, and to throw out what she was done with.  My favourite part of the pedicure was the buffing my my callouses.  They meant business, with a tool that reminded me of a mini cheese grader and that really took off the dead skin.  I would honestly just come back for that! 

Rinse Beauty Bar review pedicure

And then they gave me the yummiest gluten free cupcake I had ever had. 

My feet felt so soft and clean by the time she as done.  As we neared the end of my pedicure, she mentioned that she was a pro at threading.  So right then and there I asked if she could fix up my brows while I was here.  As promised, she left the shape of my brows intact, but removed all the little hairs that simply had to go. (I just want to note that I did pay for this service).

Rinse Beauty Bar review manicure

After my toes were all done, and my brows all fixed up, it was time for my manicure!  I enjoyed the arm massage, scrub, and nail clean up that they included as a part of the manicure.  In terms of polish, I selected a pretty deep Christmas red that was a part of the Bio Seaweed Gel system.  This polish lasted forever!  After abut two weeks my nails started to chip, and it took a heck of a lot of buffing, scrubbing, and acetone to remove it! I loved the high gloss finish, and how long it lasted. 

Rinse Beauty Bar review manicure

Here is a quick pick of the store front, in case you decide to visit! 

Andrea and June explained that they decorated the spa with the Caribbean in mind.  Here is a picture from my recent trip to Cuba.  I would say they did a pretty great job!

I genuinely enjoyed my time at Rinse.  Rinse has many elements of a higher end salon, but with prices that are much more accessible.  A mani-pedi goes for $65 (regular) or $80 (shellac).  I plan on going back for my next pedicure!  I recommend this to any of my friends & followers who are in the area or who are interested in environmentally friendly beauty services.

All services except for the threading were provided free for my consideration.


  1. Wish I knew about this place when I lived over in Rexdale! It looks like a lovely and relaxing experience. (is it close to the Queensway Cinema?)

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

    1. I should have mentioned that its new! I am not too familiar with Etobicoke geography-- but it is near Royal York & Queensway! :)