My Custom MAC Palette | May (Phloof!)

Saturday 4 June 2016

my custom mac palette

This year I have assigned myself the most fun project I could come up with: every month I am purchasing a new single MAC eyeshadow with the intent of building my own complete, cohesive palette filled with colours perfectly suited to my tasted, style, and preference.  Keep reading to see where I'm at in this project, and follow along to see where I go next!

This month I have officially filled more than half of my palette! (This palette holds 15 shadows, and I started the palette off with 3, so 3+5 = 8).  That's pretty crazy to me!  I was actually in the store today picking out my June shade (and I bet you won't be able to guess which!) and I realized that there are SO many shadows to choose from and I only get to pick 7 more!

Quick apology that my post is up a few days late... as you know I was away for a week in May and spent a weekend at Generation Beauty.  Such a great month though!!!

my custom mac palette

my custom mac palette

Top Row: Phloof! Jest, Woodwinked
Second Row: Yoghurt, Quarry, Satin Taupe, Star Violet, Blackberry
Third Row: Nothing!  Stay tuned!

This month I completed a row!  I'm not sure if you can see it forming yet, but the top row is neutrals/golds, and the second row is pinks and purples.  What will be in the third row?  You'll have to wait and see for later this month!

MAC woodwinked jest phloof

From top to bottom: Woodwinked, Jest, Phloof!

The shadow I selected for this month is Phloof! First off.... what a fun name!  I selected this shadow because I felt that my palette was missing a good highlight for under my brow bone.  This frosted off white is the perfect shimmer for under the brow or in the inner corners of your eyes.  I think that every palette needs a shade like this.  It has a bit of a warm/pinky/pearl undertone and I have heard is quite similar to MUG Shimma Shimma.

I am really glad that I added this to my palette.  Now that I have this in my palette, and a good mix of finishes and tones I think I am finally "free" to start choosing my monthly shadows on a whim.  Can't wait to add some fun pops of colours over the coming months!

What are your favourite MAC shadows?  What do you think would go well with my palette?

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