NUDESTIX Gel Colour Lip + Cheek Balm

Wednesday 8 June 2016

nudestix gel lip and cheek balm rebel luxe posh

Last month I had the opportunity to attend Generation Beauty, and today I am sharing my first product review from the swag I was fortunate enough to receive.  I try my best to be very open about which products I paid for, and which products were sent to me from PR, but this set of products really stumped me.  See, I used my Gen Beauty “coupon” to redeem for Posh, ended up with Rebel in my Content Creator bag and then purchased Luxe at a discount from Nudestix at their vendor table from their very own Taylor.  Keep reading for swatches and my review of these lovely lippies!

nudestix gel lip and cheek balm rebel luxe posh

nudestix gel lip and cheek balm rebel luxe posh

I love that Nudestix really focuses on enhancing natural beauty rather than covering it up and changing it.  These brand new Gel Colour Lip + Cheek Balms retail for $28 and are available in a range of lovely neutrals.  Today I have Luxe, Rebel and Posh to share with you today.  This range of “super-moisturizing” lip balms with rich colour brings a pop of colour with a whole bunch of nourishment.  These are really easy to wear on your lips and look really, really lovely.

nudestix gel lip and cheek balm rebel luxe posh

nudestix gel lip and cheek balm rebel luxe posh

Rebel, Luxe, Posh

nudestix gel lip and cheek balm rebel swatch

Rebel is described as “pretty in pink” and is a really lovely mid-toned pink with a hint of what I can best describe as bubblegum. 

nudestix gel lip and cheek balm luxe swatch

Luxe is described as a “just kissed fresh pink-nude” and has this wonderful peachy quality to it that I just love.

nudestix gel lip and cheek balm  posh swatch

Posh is described as a “metal plum nude” and is my absolute favourite of the three.  I love the subtle shimmer and how easy this is to take from pinky-spring to summery-bronze!

These are probably the most pigmented lip products that I have ever tried that are described as “balms”.  These are light and fresh—just perfect to pop in your purse this summer!  Plus, I just can’t get enough of their black metal mirrored tins.  I never throw them out because they are just such a useful pace to store things for make-up touch ups, hair elastics, and even camera memory cards.

Personally I don't like using dual lip and cheek products for both uses.  To me they are usually either for lips, or for cheeks.  However I love knowing that I could use this in a pinch for blush if needed!

Nudestix Gel Colour Lip + Cheek Balm can be purchased at Sephora for $28.

What are your favourite Nudestix products?  Any recommendations as to what I should try next?

P.S. Did I mention that this is a Canadian brand?  Love it!

As mentioned, I paid for one of these, I received one at Generation Beauty Toronto as an attendee and I received one in my Generation Beauty Content Creator bag.  As a member of ipsyOS I was fortunate enough to attend Generation Beauty for free. 

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