Friday 24 November 2017

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What happens when a global beauty icon and the best tweezer company you know team up? Well your favourite tweezers get a bit of a makeover! Huda Kattan, the beauty & brain behind Huda Beauty, maker of one of the best liquid lipsticks on the market, has teamed up with the ever reliable Tweezerman to bring forward a beautifully curated collection, just in time for Christmas!

Born in the United States, Huda currently lives in Dubai where she operates her global beauty business and brand from.

huda beauty tweezerman

This collection is cute and feminine, featuring lots of pink, with pretty lips as decoration.

My favourite piece from this collection is the mini slant tweezer. Tiny enough to keep in my wallet for on-the-go brow (and maybe splinter?) emergencies, this cute little tool punches above her weight. An honourable mention goes to the mini scissors. Not only can it tame brows, or a stray piece of string in a flash, but it is also perfectly sized to trim my kitten Maggie's feet. I know what you're wondering...but since the beauty world and the cat world seems to have quite the overlap... Maggie is a medium length hair cat. The fur between her paw pads grows quite long, and so I trim it to help cut back on the mess that her paws otherwise make. Anyways, enough about my cats. My other favourite thing about this collection is that Tweezerman did not sacrifice quality in order to make a quick buck on a collab. These are the same great tweezers.... just cuter. 

You can purchase the Slant Tweezer ($31), or the Mini Slant Tweezer ($20) on their own. You can also buy the Huda Mini Slant & 10x Mirror Duo ($41) or the Huda Beauty Essentials Kit ($78) with includes the lip bag, the mirror, the spoolie, and the full sized tweezers. 

tweezerman huda beauty

"I'm super excited about the collaboration with Tweezerman and I feel extremely honored to be the first in the Middle East to collaborate with them. Tweezerman is a brand I have been using for years because the quality of their tweezers and products really is unparalleled. I'm so in love with the finished product and I can't wait for everyone to try them" - Huda Kattan on her collaboration with Tweezerman

While I did not get to personally work with Huda on this blog post (girl can dream, right?) I am sure that she would be just as thrilled as I am that one lucky reader will walk away with the full range of Tweezerman x Huda Beauty products. That's right -- a pair of slant tweezers, mini slant tweezers, a 10x mirror, a spoolie, a lip pouch, and a pair of mini scissors.

To enter the giveaway just follow the instructions in the above Instagram post! Good luck <3

This giveaway is sponsored by Tweezerman. Opinions remain my own!

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