Winter Workout Favourites

Sunday 26 November 2017

lorna jane sport check

I'm basically convinced that fall and spring are the only good times to go to the gym. Summer its hot and sweaty before you start your cardio, and winter is that awkward balance of keeping cool in the gym but then also being slightly freezing. 

I'm lucky to have a pretty solid gym in my building, however I also have year long boot camp membership. I picked my boot camp because not only are the workouts intense, and motivating, but it is also a 15 minute walk from my office, and then a few blocks to the subway for my way home. In the fall I love the walk, but as winter starts to show its chilly side, the walks are less fun.

I never thought I would be the kind of girl who works out in a long sleeved shirt, until I tried to shimmy my way into my winter coat post workout in a tank top. Not only was it difficult, but it was uncomfortable. And while I do actually quite enjoy working out in this Lorna Jane ($79.99) long sleeved shirt, I am obsessed with switching out my tank top for this (clean) shirt, and then putting on my coat and heading home. I love how light weight the fabric is, and how it still lets my body breathe. Not only are the mesh panels cute, but they're functional too. 

Bonus function? This makes for a super comfortable lounge or PJ top!

lorna jane sport check

alo leggings sport check

When it comes to my leggings, I am always on the look out for a pair that is functional-- both for my workout, and for my day to day life. These leggings by Alo ($173.99) have a really cool mesh and ribbed design that make them look sort of like real pants when I am out and about, and get me loads of compliments when I am at the gym! I find these comfortable to move in.

mckinley sweater sport check

Don't mind the water spill on the sweater! Next time I should probably make sure the lid is fully on....

This sweater by McKinley ($69.99) is availiable in black, white, cranberry, and grey. Though if you have read any of my blog posts as of late, you will know that grey is basically my fall and winter obsession. I love how long this sweater is-- but also how easy it is to layer under my coat or a light jacket. The collar and cuffs are lined with the softest black bit of furry fuzz that I could imagine, and the pockets are huge. I love wearing this sweater with leggings when I am out running errands.

Everything featured in this post can be purchased at Sport Check. Lorna Jane is one of their newest brands! What are some work out clothes that you are loving lately? Good luck with your fitness plans! 

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