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Sunday 19 November 2017

roots zip down packable jacket

November in Toronto is pretty mild, all things considered. Sure the weather can be temperamental, but you usually don't expect to see big flakes of snow landing on your face. However, up north in Simcoe County, where my family lives and where I sometimes work, November, as I have come to learn, is a whole other ball game. Keep reading to see my top picks for that awkward transition from fall to winter!

When you are never quite sure if today is "fall" or "winter" I always like to have a light, but warm jacket, a hat and some leather gloves. Lately I have been pretty obsessed with heather grey. It is my favourite fall neutral-- it goes with everything and I find is flattering on my skin tone. I like that is is light, without being white, and that you can still see the details in photos (unlike black).

roots zip down packable jacket

 Roots Zip Down Packable Jacket - $168

This light weight down filled jacket is soft to the touch and keeps me warm without allowing me to overheat. Availiable in grey, black, maroon and navy, this jacket is both stylish and functional. I love that is is "poofy" without being too poofy. My only complaint is that every so often I find little tiny white feathers poking out of my jacket! Also availiable for men, the only real difference is that rather than saying "Roots" on the cuff, it is on the chest. In both men's and women's the branding is small and understated, which I appreciate. I have received a number of compliments on this jacket while out and about, and my favourite thing to show people is that it actually rolls up and fits in a little pouch! I recommend ordering a size up both because I find these jackets run a little small, and because in winter you will probably want to fit a sweater under it. I find that I can go for hours outside in the 0 to -5 that I have been experiencing in Simcoe. As for the colder weather? We will just have to wait and see!

PS -- When it gets windy I love being able to pop the hood on. It basically keeps all of the cold air out, and my neck and ears well protected!

Availiable at Roots.

roots zip down packable jacket

daniel wellington petite ashfield durham watch barbour tartan gloves

Petite Ashfield 28mm Durham Watch by Daniel Wellington - $195

I love the classic leather strap and rose gold detailing. This delicate watch is comfortable on my wrist. Originally selected to complete some of my fall looks, I am loving how well it is transitioning to winter. The classic brown "Durham" strap goes just as well with warm browns as it does blacks and greys. It transitions well from the office to evening events, bridging the gap from smart to casual.

Availiable from Daniel Wellington. Use code ALANNAVICTORIA to save 15% off your Daniel Wellington purchase.

Barbour Women's Tartan Trim Gloves - $125

These genuine leather gloves may not hold up in the -20 icebox that is to come, but they are perfect in late fall and early winter. The classic tartan trim holds up well for both fall and winter. I prefer these gloves to their "Lady Jane" gloves as I like the subtle hint of tartan rather than a full cuff. I picked these up at Hillcrest Mall's Sporting Life while in Richmond Hill earlier this week. Stay tuned for a special post coming to the blog soon! These gloves are soft and comfortable, and make me feel pretty classy.

Since 1974 J. Barbour & Sons ("Barbour") has held a Royal Warrant. They currently hols Royal Warrants for Her Majesty the Queen, His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. What does this mean, you may ask? Royal Warrants are granted by the Queen to those who supple goods and services to the royal family. The warrant enables those suppliers to advertise that they do indeed supply to the royal family. I always like have items bearing a Royal Warrant because, hey, if its good enough for The Queen, then its good enough for me! In keeping with my little Royal love-in, on November 20th 2017 the Queen and Prince Philip will be celebrating 70 years of marriage!

aritzia pom pom hat eton peak hat

Eton Peak Hat - $45

This hat is knit with a wool-blend yarn that is soft and comfortable. I find that this hat isn't particularly scratchy, but manages to retain its shape. The fluffy pompom is made with faux fur, yet is has an authentic look and feel. I love that this hat is warm and snug, and that the pompom stays well perched on top of my head (rather than slouching down). Available in a range of pretty neutrals, including a range of greys, white, soft pink, and army green, I only wish that I could have one in every colour! I love that this hat keeps me warm, but also looking good!

aritzia pom pom hat eton peak hat

What are some of your favourite pieces to use as we transition away from the "fun" parts of fall -- you know, when the leaves are crunchy and there is a nip in the air, and the trees are a stunning mix of oranges, reds, and yellows, and as we head towards the slushy, wet, rainy part of fall that we don't tend to romanticize nearly as much?

Stay warm!

xoxo Alanna

PS - My friend Madeline from Classically Contemporary also reviewed this cozy Roots Jacket. Read her review here!

Products provided for review purposes. Opinions remain my own!

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