We Got Engaged! Designing My Own Ring

Thursday 11 January 2018

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Being able to answer the question of what I got for Christmas with a small flex in my hand has been pretty fun, I must say. The new year is bringing many exciting things to my life, including the official start of wedding planning! I wanted to sit down and share a bit about our engagement with you, as we begin this new and exciting journey! 
My fiancé and I have been together for almost five years. During that time I have graduated university and started off in my dream field. He has both finished his undergrad, started and finished law school, and begun work as an articling student. We have been long distance, we have lived together, we have travelled together, crossing the ocean twice. We have added two wonderful kitties to our lives, and talked about our future, and our wedding. And now we are officially planning, booking things, working on a guest list, and more.

custom engagement ring toronto

The Ring

Let me start by saying that I am head over heels in love with my ring. Stuart and I designed it together with excessive Pinteresting, and a little compromise. He wanted me to have a "classic" ring: a yellow gold round solitaire. I wanted a rose gold ring with a large diamond in the middle, and two smaller ones on the side. Together we found one we both loved on Pinterest, and had it made (with some small changes) in white gold.

My ring has a large oval stone in the middle, with a tiny, delicate, halo, and small floral themed accents on the side. 

We had our ring made in Toronto at Twain Designs. Because we went with a wholesale jeweller not only could we have it designed exactly how we wanted it, but we only paid 1/3 what it would have cost from a jeweller in the mall. It was a really neat experience to select my diamond, and every other aspect of my ring. I love that we got to do it together, and that I have a ring that I love to wear for the rest of my life.

custom engagement ring toronto

Taken moments after we got "officially" engaged

The Proposal

We didn't really do the whole "surprise" thing. By virtue of designing the ring I knew it was coming. After the ring was done we went to one of our favourite restaurants, Barberian's Stake House, in Toronto. We celebrated with a delicious meal, wine, and a surprise glass of champagne from the restaurant to celebrate! After dinner we went home, and just hung out together and with our cats. The next day we called our families!

Want More Details?

Watch the video I made about our engagement!

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