What I Got In My Beautylish Lucky Bag 2018!

Friday 19 January 2018


beautylish lucky bag 2018 unboxing review

On Boxing Day I ordered my first ever Beautylish Lucky Bag! Keep reading to find out what I got in my Beautylish Lucky Bag 2018!
Lucky Bags always sell out so I was really happy to be able to order one. My only concern about ordering from them was the risk of getting a Jeffree Star product. While I have no doubt that his liquid lipsticks are out of this world, I just can't stand behind him as a content producer or as a brand. Thankfully I did not receive any of his products, but that was really just luck of the draw.

Lucky Bags cost $75 USD with shipping that is about $15 USD for a bag with a guaranteed value of $150 USD. Americans had the option to order an XL bag for $150 with a guarantee of $350 USD of product. I really wish that I had the option to order one here to Canada -- I saw one lady on Youtube got a massive Natasha Denona palette that retails for $300 CAD. However, it was probably better for me that I did not have the option of ordering a XL Bag as $150 USD is... quite a bit in CAD.

The other option we had was if we wanted a bag for "Light/Medium" or "Medium/Dark". I love that they tried to be more inclusive and give people a chance to get products that work for them. I am not sure if people who selected "Medium/Dark" got things that worked for them, but I of course, the palest person ever, ordered "Light/Medium" and I found that everything I was sent worked for me.

As a Canadian one of the things I had to be mindful of was the cost in CAD and the risk of duties. Thankfully I did not have to pay additional duties on this package. As a content producer I knew that I would not be one of the first people to get my review up because, well, it just takes longer to get through customs. My order arrived on January 16th.

So... with all that business aside... what did I get?

beautylish lucky bag 2018 unboxing review

I actually got the exact. same. bag. as one of my biggest supporters, @bohojudy!

What I got in my Beautylish Lucky Bag 2018:

Wayne Goss Brush #17 - $28 USD
Hylamide HA Blur Surface Finisher by The Ordinary $19 CAD (~$15 USD)
Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Mascara - $29 USD
Jouer Skinny Dip Powder Highlighter - $24 USD
Oribe Swept Up Volume Powder Spray - $34 USD
Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette - $42 USD

Total value: $172 USD

I paid $75 USD + $15 USD in shipping and received $172 USD worth of product. From a value perspective they more than exceeded their $150 USD guarantee. 

I am most excited about the Wayne Goss brush and the Charlotte Tilbury mascara. I wish that I had been lucky enough to receive the Charlotte Tilbury palette instead, but that is just the luck of the draw! I was also excited about the Jouer highlighter because they are quite hyped up and not really able to be purchased in store in Canada. Also bonus points that they sent me a palette that I didn't yet have!

Overall I am happy with my bag, and if next Christmas I have about $100 kicking around I would order it again. It was a fun experience! Of course ordering is a risk and you may be better to just spend $100 on ordering exactly the products you want to splurge on rather than getting a random surprise. 

You can watch my unboxing video here:

Did you order a Lucky Bag? What did you end up with? Were you happy?

I ordered this bag with my own money. 

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