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Wednesday 10 January 2018

long hair cut experience sassoon toronto

For some, the new year brings a desire to change their life, and what easier way to change your outward appearance than with a dramatic haircut or colour? Well... that may be some people's style, but not mine!

I have been growing my hair out since high school, and have always dreamed of cascading waves of long hair (maybe with some sort of braid) for my wedding day. I've had my hair ready for the last three years (it is now more or less at my hips) and as of last month, I have the ring. I don't really see my self growing my hair longer than it is now. I wouldn't mind another two inches or so, but I don't think it would look flattering going past my bum haha.

Many of you know that long, healthy hair is my trademark. The only way that long hair looks good is when it is healthy. When the ends get scraggly... its time for the big.... trim. I love having hair that is long, has some volume and movement to it, and some layers. Finding a good stylist is important because a good stylist knows the art of just how long (and short) the layers should go. If the length between the layers is too long, the hair looks thin. Too short, and the hair looks too bulky. When long hair starts to look unhealthy I think it takes away all the beauty that you were trying to add.

long hair cut experience sassoon toronto

I was recently given the opportunity to have a hair treatment and cut with Wesley Hanlon, the Creative Director at Sassoon Toronto. Wesley has been with Sassoon since 2007. On their website his style is noted as "clean and tailored" and his #1 hair tip is "The health of your hair is more important than the length".

I was excited* to have Wesley cut my hair because I had the impression that he valued hair health, but also understood long hair.

*I don't know about you, but I always have nervous butterflies in my stomach before having my hair trimmed, especially when it is done by somebody who has never before touched my hair. I always worry that the stylist will cut my hair too short, or think I am lame for not wanting an edgy cut, or will get the shape and movement of my hair wrong. Maybe its silly, but I place a lot of my identity in my hair, and I would be devastated if somebody were to ruin it. Anyways this is what was rolling through the back of my mind in the Uber on the way there. 

long hair cut experience sassoon toronto

I sat down in the chair (we were in the training academy rather than the regular floor) and explained to Wesley that I wanted to keep as much of the length as humanly possible, but that the ends were scraggly and needed to be trimmed. I was pleased to find that Wesley had many long hair clients and that he wasn't the type to encourage a big chop for those who are clearly not interested (aka.... me.) He understood the movement I wanted my hair to have, and the framing around my face.

Before my cut my hair was washed. After the wash (which included a great head massage! Seriously, who ever made scalp massages at the salon a thing deserves all of the gold stars) an assistant applied a treatment to my hair. The treatment was interesting because it was a spray rather than a heavy mask. It was explained to me that the spray helps the product get into the hair, rather than sit on top of it. I have found that four weeks later, and my hair still feels soft and silky, so I would for sure get the treatment again.

long hair cut experience sassoon toronto

After my hair was washed he dried it before cutting it so he could better see what hair was healthy, and what hair needed to go. I really enjoyed chatting with him and learning a bit more about what exactly a Creative Director does and more about Sassoon's philosophy. Once the cut was done he added some pretty waves to finish it all off!

long hair cut experience sassoon toronto

I think long, loose layers are perfect for my daily life, and for when I want to get dressed up. I love that Wesley was able to keep so much of the length. I don't know if other long hair ladies ever have this feeling, but I really felt like my hair was longer after my cut than it was before, simply because it was so much healthier. Having the scraggly ends gone really felt like removing the dead weight. Since my trim I have found my hair is easier to style and care for.

long hair cut experience sassoon toronto

In true Alanna fashion, nobody has really noticed my haircut -- not even my fiancĂ©. 

I had a great experience at Sassoon and plan on going back in about 6 months (I usually get my hair cut twice a year), probably just before Stuart and I do our engagement photos. 

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Services were provided in exchange for my blog post.

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