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Sunday 24 December 2017

uncommon goods gifts for dads

So its Christmas Eve. And while I am proud to say that I am done all my shopping this year, and am otherwise pretty great at not shopping last minute, I know that not everybody starts their shopping in September like I do. Lucky for those last minute shoppers out there, I have a special gift guide, and some tips and tricks on how to avoid Christmas disappointment.

While gifting is easy if you know what you are buying -- really that would make it just shopping and wrapping -- what do you do when you have a hard to shop for grandpa? Uncommon Goods has recently introduced Sunny, your expert gift guide. Type in the information you have about your giftee, and follow the prompts until you have them find the perfect gift. 

I spent some time going through the website selecting the gifts for this post, and then tried out Sunny. I tested it out by looking for a gift for my grandma (Grandma, Senior, Interested in pets, dogs, gardens and knitting) and one of the top suggestions was actually a gift I had selected for her: The Pedigree Poem Tote Bag ($57.21 CAD). This bag can be customized to many different dogs and coat colours including a salt & pepper coloured Miniature German Schnauzer, just like her beloved Echo! I love this bag for my grandma because she can hold her latest knitting project in it, or carry groceries. Grandma always loves Echo related gifts, and I know this will be a huge hit. Just one problem.... it still hasn't arrived!

When my gifts don't ship in time... or when it is totally my fault and I order it too late, I print off a picture of the gift and put it in the card. It is sort of an IOU but they know you thought of them before the big day! I find gift cards a bit impersonal, so this is a nice alternative. 

For my dad, I am loving these Kebob Baskets ($21.60 CAD). My dad is a big BBQ'er and is always looking for the latest took or gadget to upgrade his BBQ game. I know that he is going to love using these in the summer!

uncommon goods gifts for grandmas

Another gift for Grandma, found using Sunny, is this beautiful hummingbird garden ornament. Humphrey The Hovering Humming Bird Stake ($25.43 CAD) is a glass and copper ornament that will look great in my Grandma's garden. My grandma loves hummingbirds, and I know she will love this thoughtful little bauble. 

uncommon goods gifts for dads golf

My dad is a a big golf fan, and is in the process of building out his new bar. I love the vintage feel of these "Set of Fore" ($53.40 CAD) glasses, and they have a really nice sturdy weight to them. With four glasses each related to a golf club, I know my dad will really enjoy these, and will enjoy using them with company in the new year!

uncommon goods gifts for dads chess

My fiancĂ© (it is really nice to type that after keeping quiet for the last few days!) loves playing chess, and he was really interested in having a travel chess set ($33.06 CAD). This set comes with tiny peg like pieces in a beautiful, miniature wooden set. 

uncommon goods gifts for dads shark socks

Funky socks are very in among men working in business. It gives them a chance to express their personality while still looking the part. These fun shark socks ($12.71 CAD)  can have a few meanings -- is the shark eating his leg, is the shark his industry? Who knows! My brother or my fiancĂ© would love these socks in their stocking. Currently this is sitting on the tree with a name on it. Part decor. Part gift. 100% fun.

Do you have any last minute gifting to do? What do you do when you are in a pinch?

This post is sponsored by Uncommon Goods. Opinions are my own!

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