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Monday 4 December 2017

grease the musical review toronto

A few weeks ago some of my favourite ladies and I headed to Toronto's Winter Garden Theatre to watch Grease live in Toronto! A classic favourite, with memorable songs and a colourful cast, Grease never fails to disappoint.

grease the musical review toronto

Janel Parrish-- best known as Mona from Pretty Little Liars stars as Sandy, with Katie Findlay opposite her as Rizzo. During basically the whole musical I kept thinking that Rizzo looked familiar, but I just couldn't place her. Some quick googling showed me that she played Maggie in The Carrie Diaries. Dylan Wallach plays the ever-handsome Danny Zuko.

While all the songs you love about Grease are in the musical, they aren't always in the order or setting that you expect. At first I found it a bit hard to watch -- I was always expecting something, only to hear something else. Once I let go of how I thought the musical was supposed to be I was better able to enjoy it. I recommend not coming with expectations that it is simply going to be the movie on stage. 

grease the musical review toronto

Two songs I loved (for entirely different reasons) were "Beauty School Drop Out" and "There Are Worse Things I Could Do". "Beauty School Drop Out" (above) is hilarious. The angel is basically Frenchy's gay best friend saying, in the most hilarious way possible, "girl. you can do so much better in life." I found the musical's version to be much poppier version to the musical's ballad.

grease the musical review toronto 

"There Are Worse Things I Could Do" was probably the most emotional song of the show. Rizzo added a new level of complexity that I don't recall from the movie - mainly the difficult choice about abortion. Sung in a dingy basement rec-room party, her voice was strong yet vulnerable, and all together rather moving. 

A final highlight? The screening of "Duck and Cover" (what to do in case of a nuclear attack) in the opening scene. 

grease the musical review toronto

Many attendees came to the show dressed up in their "Pink Ladies" jackets, which was a lot of fun. My friends and I had a great time at the show -- perfect to see with a group of girls. Maybe grab something to eat and drink before hand to really make a night out of it. If you like Grease you will have a great time at the show. If you don't like Grease, then don't go. Included in the group I went to Grease with are some of my blogger friends, my boss, and her two girls (10 and 11). The kids had a blast, and while the language was colourful at times, their mom didn't mind, which was a huge relief! I don't know if I would suggest taking kids younger than that though.

I probably don't have a future as a theatre reviewer. While there were some parts that were a touch awkward or that could have been polished, I had a lot of fun at the show, and I think that that is what matters most! Also -- the Winter Garden is a beautiful venue! 

With 4 weeks of shows added, Grease will now be in Toronto until January 7th. Tickets range from $20 to $169. You can purchase them here

Thanks for the invite, Kate!

Tickets to this show were gifted by PR. Opinions are my own! Obviously I did not take these photos myself because taking photos in the theatre is highly frowned upon. Photos are from the production.

P.S. Blogmas Day 4 is complete! 

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