Angel by Mugler 2017 "Angel Arty"

Friday 1 December 2017


angel by mugler limited edition 2017 arty case

Angel by Mugler is an iconic fragrance. Warm. Spicy. Sensual. Housed in a beautiful star shaped bottle, this scent looks as beautiful on your vanity as it does on you.

I have decided, rather last minute (its 11:18 PM as I write this today) that I am going to participate in Blogmas. I did a modified Vlogmas on my YouTube channel last year, so I figured why not give it a try? I'm not 100% sure if I can post a new blog post every single day this month, but I am going to try my very best. Wish me luck! 

angel by mugler limited edition 2017 arty case

"There is a goddess in every woman that I like to magnify."—Thierry Mugler

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away a high school boyfriend dragged me to the mall so he could purchase his mom a refill of this perfume. At the time I couldn't imagine wearing it because it was his mom's perfume. Then we broke up, and every time I would smell the perfume I would be brought back to the worst parts of our relationship. It really is amazing how strong scent memory can be, and what scents can mean to us. We ended our relationship probably six or seven years ago, and since then I have settled into something entirely wonderful with my boyfriend of nearly five years. But I was still amazed when this perfume arrived at my door, how much the scent and bottle could remind me of.

That being said, I was determined when I opened the perfume that I would give it a fair shot. After all, in the 25 years that this perfume has been around, it has attracted a cult like following from women from across the globe. Just because I had maybe not the best introduction to this scent a number of years ago doesn't mean that I can't love it now.

angel by mugler limited edition 2017 arty case

Created in 1992, Mugler's star perfume continues to reinvent itself, trailing innovative gems in its wake. As the first "gourmand" fragrance, Angel celebrates a bewitching, carnal and glamorous femininity. 

This warm and spicy fragrance is the first "gourmand" fragrance. With key notes of caramel, chocolate, honey, and vanilla, this fragrance smells strongly of patchouli and vanilla. I find a little goes a long way with this scent, and that it lingers on my skin long into the night. What makes this perfume a winner in my books (and the reason I can handle wearing it despite my story earlier in the post) is that is truly smells different on every body. I have smelled it run more spicy on others, but on me it is quite floral. Part of me wonders if you smell the smell you want with it -- I love florals.

Reinvented for 2017, the scent is of course the same, but with a limited edition pop-on-pop-off "Angel Arty" case. This is the second year that Mugler has released a case like this-- perfect for mega fans and collectors, it is availiable in the 25mL and 50mL sizes.

I love that the bottle is refillable -- buy it once, and refill it for life. I love the idea of keeping your same beautiful bottle for years and never having to throw it away.

Have you tried this perfume before? What are your thoughts?

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