My Sephora VIB Rouge Sale Haul | 2017

Monday 11 December 2017

sephora vib rouge haul

I don't often post hauls, but lately it seems that everybody is posting their VIB sale hauls, and well, I am quite proud of mine. Plus, as you may know, I am attempting to do Blogmas which means I need some new content up every single day this month, and well, let's be honest, hauls are easy to write ;)

I think that Alanna two or three years ago would have been proud of a haul if it was large and expensive and full of expensive things. But no, Alanna of 2017 is proud of this haul because it is relatively small. Or, well, maybe its not "small", but the majority of the items purchased are "needs"* (like skincare) rather than "wants" (the latest Tarte palette).

*Really everything at Sephora is a want*

sephora vib rouge haul

Sephora really only has two sales every year: 20% off in the fall, and 2-3-4x the points in the spring. With that in mind, I always stock up on my skin care essentials. I have been using Ole Henriksen's On The Go Cleanser (which once-upon-a-time came in a plastic bottle) and his Walnut Scrub (which once came in a jar -- so happy it is now a squeeze tube) since probably 2013. I have yet to find a better scrub for my face, this scrub is gentle but abrasive enough to leave my skin exfoliated, and it smells SO good. And don't get me started on how refreshing On The Go is to start your day!

Always stock up on your favourites that you know you will finish off and need to replace during the sale. You know you will be purchasing it anyways so why not save some $$$?

Transforming Walnut Scrub $34
On The Go Cleanser $29

sephora vib rouge haul

Thanks to a number of coupon codes for deluxe samples I have collected a nice little stash of deluxe mini sized On The Go cleansers, perfect for when I travel for work, or for when we go to my boyfriend's parents place for the weekend. When I saw this little trio, and that it included a mini Transforming Walnut Scrub I jumped on it. Perfect to have on hand for nights away! I absolutely hate travelling when I don't have my full skincare routine with me. The bonus in my books is getting to try the Almond Facial Polish on its own -- I have tried it before as a part of one of Ole's three step peels, and I loved it. I am not super excited about the Facial Sauna Scrub, but I will give it a try, and if I don't love it I will pass it on to a friend.

Three Glowing Scrubs $30

sephora vib rouge haul

A metallic fox sleeping mask? This is a total necessity. Yup, totally purchased on a whim because its cute. In past Christmases I have purchased their cat themed sleeping masks and they are always great to have on hand for a flight. Not that I have any travel booked, but you know, just in case.

Asleep for the Winter Sleep Mask (Fox Sleeping Mask) $18 (currently on sale for $13)

sephora vib rouge haul

When I first smelled the Elizabeth and James White & Black Nirvanas I fell in love. Recently they have added some new scents to the collection, and I was really taken by Amethyst. I am lucky to have quite the perfume collection, but I always love having a rollerball or two lying around for travel and general on-the-go-ness. I recently finished off my White Nirvana rollerball, and my Marc Jacob Daisy rollerball, so that is how I justified that one.

You know those items that hover on your "loves" list on Sephora for months and months? Well that would be the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders for me. I decided to purchase it in "Mood" because I thought the soft pink would be flattering on me. So far I am enjoying using it, but not noticing a huge difference, so I am on the fence about returning it (or exchanging it for another shade).

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Amethyst Rollerball $35
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in "Mood" $55

Total (pre sale) $201
Total (post sale) $160

Plus tax.

Not too bad, considering that my "budget" for the sale was $150. I feel like I focused on skin care and items that I have long wanted which I think is good. No regrets on the sleeping mask.

I think that my Sephora shopping is basically done for the next long, long while. I have stack piles of products sent by PR for me to test, Christmas is around the corner, and I am running out of space in my makeup area! I am hoping that I can basically not buy anything else (I have an order or two on the way :| ) until February or March, with, of course, the exception of skin care or repurchasing a product that I use every day.

Just in case you are wondering, yes I have made VIB Rouge for next year. I don't know if I really see any benefits from being a member other than the free shipping. Thankfully I did not spend $1000 personally to get there -- my mom and some friends placed orders through my account because free shipping.

What did you pick up in the Sephora Sale?

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