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Thursday 14 December 2017

igk hair review

IGK Hair basically appeared out of no where, at least, as far as I am concerned. It seemed like just one day that they were at Sephora, at IPSY's Gen Beauty, with Influenster, and in my ipsy bag. I have not seen a ton of bloggers talking about them, so I am excited to share with you my thoughts on their products after playing with them for the last four or so months.

Founded by four stylists, IGK Hair boasts "We don't follow trends. We create them". With products centred around New York, L.A. and Miami (NYC+LA+MIA), each formula is inspired by the stylist, their signature city, and the trends and feel of the space. On the top of each product you will find the city indicated.

I was initially attracted to the brand with their creative packaging and punchy names, like "Rich Kid", "Prenup", "Trust Fund" and "Jet Lag" are just a few. 

I really enjoyed the Hot Girls Hydrating shampoo & conditioner. I enjoyed the beachy smell and how light and soft if left my hair feeling.

I found Prenup Instant Spray Mask $38 to be a really innovative hair mask. It was incredibly light weight (to the point that I was wondering if it actually was a hair mask, usually they are so thick!). Described as a "micro-emulsion" treatment, it dispenses through a aerosol style spray. Inspired by Korean "splash masks", it packs the effectiveness of a traditional cream mask in a lightweight liquid. Key ingredients include senna leaf extract, cupuacu butter and amla oil. I love how it smells! 

Call Time Styling Primer $33 has the most wonderful coconut smell. I like to use this as a detangler after I wash my hair. Created with coconut water and coconut oil, this product strengthens hair while hydrating it and enhancing the performance of styling products. I like to use this before styling my hair with heat. But I also like to use it and then just let my hair air dry. I love the gentle beachy waves it leaves me with!

Smoke and Mirrors Conditioning Cleansing Oil $35 is a pretty unique product. Perfect for dry scalps (me in the winter!), people with colour treated hair and those with curls, Smoke and Mirrors replaces your regular shampoo and conditioner. The first time I used it I did not feel like my hair was "clean". However after using it a few times I figured out how it worked for me and came to really like how it felt. I find for me that this is great to use between full washes to be more gentle on my scalp.

Low Key Cleansing Walnut Scalp Scrub $43 okay wow. This product filled a need I didn't even know my hair had. As somebody with super long hair, my scalp sometimes just aches from a pony tail or bun. Add to that the fact that products can build up in my hair, and we have a problem, only I didn't know I had a problem. This minty scented walnut scrub lathers up ever so gently. I place little drops of it through my scalp and massage it in. The scent is cooling and refreshing, and the walnut is a great physical exfoliant. Sometimes I skip shampoo, rinse, rinse, rinse and use conditioner. Other times I rinse, shampoo, and then condition. Either way my hair feels soft, light, and clean. Apple cider is a key clarifying ingredient.

Overall I love how creative and innovative IGK Hair is. I love the packaging and the names, but more than that, I love how so many products they make fill a need I didn't know I had. IGK Hair can be purchased at Sephora.

All products sent for review. Opinions are my own!

Happy Blogmas Day 14! Writing content daily is exhausting, but I am loving how quick my posting turnaround time is. In the new year I would be pretty impressed if I could post every other day or three times a week.

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