Luxe | Burberry "Rosewood" Sheer Eyeshadow Review

Monday 23 March 2015


Two weeks ago I was in Ottawa, which just so happened to be the weekend that Nordstorm opened!  My friend and I had a lovely tour of the shoe department, and then I made a bee-line for the make-up department.  I had heard that Burberry would be there, and I had been looking to try out "Rosewood" for quite some time!  My real life friend K from The Green Bows loves this product, and it looked so pretty in her yeah.  And now I own one.

The eyeshadow comes in a luxe tan box.

The quilted case comes in a velvet pouch.


I love the quilted pattern in the pan.

Even the little sponge applicator is branded.

This shadow is super buttery, and very easy to blend.  It did make me a tiny but sad to mess up the lovely quilted pattern, but it was worth it.  The colour is hard to explain-- a warm pink-taupe with some warm toned shimmer (lilac? gold? bronze? not quite sure).  On a casual day it makes for a subtle and classic crease.  Layering more makes it perfect for a dinner date!  Despite the fact that it is a "sheer" shadow, it can be built up to be quite pigmented.  I would recommend using a softer brush, as I found my dense shadow brush shredded the top of the shadow and made the colour a bit over powering.  A little goes a long way!

In terms of packaging?  I am in love.  It feels sturdy, and is clearly a high end product.  My only complaint is how easily it picks up finger prints-- which is why I keep mine in the velvet pouch it came in!

Over all, I love how classic this shade is, and how easy it is to work with.  It has finally dawned on me that I am an adult given that I gravitate towards taupe and not bright turquoise.  Only a few more weeks until I turn twenty-two!  Honestly, I should probably pass on my brighter cosmetics to my younger cousins so I can make room for every shade of taupe, mauve, and champagne on the market. 


Needless to say, I am entirely in love with this, and now need "Pale Barley".  However, it is super hard to find and always sold out.  The hunt is on!  Hopefully I can pick it up in Ottawa when I am there next month!

Until next time!


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