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Saturday 19 March 2016


ikea bedroom furniture

My Dad (who totally deserves an award!) took me to Ikea a few weeks ago.  Curious about what I got and how re-doing my room is going?  Keep reading!
I'm moving!  Not far, but the move is enough of a move that I need all new bedroom furniture.

While I utterly adore my current bedroom furniture, it just won't fit with the new space I am going to have.  (For reference: I have a four post queen sized bed with an oversized dresser and night table). Sadly it will have to spend some time in storage until I have my own place.  I'll miss it, but it won't be for long!

While at Ikea I had three things in mind: what pieces will make my new room feel like home?  What pieces will be useful in my new room, but are also something I can take with me when I move again in a year?  What pieces make sense for apartment living?

As a life long beauty hoarder, and current beauty blogger, I have always dreamed of a big, white, glossy makeup table.  While a makeup bag may work for the average girl, I literally need storage.  I am going to *try* to toss some products before we move, but I don't have very much faith in myself.

For reference all of the furniture purchased was white. 

ikea bedroom furniture malm dressing table

How pretty is this?

Malm Dressing Table

The Malm Dressing Table is a fairly popular option for beauty bloggers and hoarders a like.  After some research I decided that this was the perfect balance between a minimalistic look, and a functional product.  I like that the slide out drawer is one large drawer without dividers.  I will be using my favourite storage baskets from Dollarama inside to separate my products. I'm hoping to keep the top of the table fairly clean, however I will be displaying my brushes, my go to products, and a few other beautiful things.  I'm not sure exactly how, but I'm looking forward to it! I can just see myself spending a whole afternoon perfecting it.

Melltorp Chair 

Because I need something simple, comfortable and understated to sit on while I make myself pretty each morning.  This fit the bill.

Myken Table Mirror

This will be one of the pretty things on my Malm Dressing Table!  I had a table mirror up until a few months ago when it broke and I just haven't replaced it.  This makes doing my makeup so much easier!

Hemnes Two Drawer Chest 

I really hope this is small enough for my room! This looks like the perfect place to store all of my odds and ends, and of course to keep a lamp on.  A key function of a night table.

ikea bedroom furniture

Kallax Shelving Unit

I really love this collection, and hope to get a few more once we get our own place.  I had originally selected a taller book shelf, but my dad made a great point.  Since we will be living in an apartment we need to minimize the number of holes we make in the wall.  I won't be able to secure a tall bookshelf to the wall like I do at home.  I liked this option because it seemed sturdier.  I also like it because I can customize what goes in each cube.  The top two cubes will be used as a bookshelf featuring some of my favourite books, and current reads.

ikea bedroom furniture

There will be books in there eventually.

With 2 drawer insert and basket  

The bottom cube will have the basket option.  I'm not too sure what exactly will go in here, but there are always things that need a place to go and don't look pretty displayed.  At our summer sublet this year they had the Kallax 4 compartment cube  at their entrance.  Each compartment had the baskets, and they filled them with shoes.  I love that idea for when we get our own place.  The compartment on top of that will have the drawer insert.  I'll also be keeping odds and ends in there, maybe jewellery, charging cords, all that stuff.

ikea bedroom furniture malm dressing table

In addition to this my room will of course have a bed (queen size) with a pretty wire frame, and a closet.  In the closet I have increased my storage options by grabbing a closet organizer and placing in a small chest of drawers.  I can't really find something similar, but my parents bought it in the 90s at Ikea for my childhood bedroom.

Right now my only concern is that the dressing table and night stand may not match.  The Malm night stand looked too short for my bed.  I guess we'll just have to see what happens after I build it all!

Update: I had to return the Hemnes 2 Drawer Chest as there just was not enough space in my room. I also grabbed a discontinued Malm sliding bed table for my TV.

Update 2: I have now moved into the new place, however my whole life is in boxes!  I can't wait to share photos with you once everything is put away neatly.  I also didn't realize how many unopened and untouched beauty products I have, so if you see a giveaway soon don't be surprised ;)

Update 3: My room is half unpacked so hopefully in a few weeks I can show you how lovely everything looks together!

Update 4: I have literally fallen in love with the Kallax since adding the two to my room.  My boyfriend and I are planning to get a second 1x4 to go on his side of the bed when we move in together, and the huge one to go in our future living room.  And maybe another 2x2 for shoes by the door.  I'm so glad that we both love them haha. 

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