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Friday 18 March 2016


This summer I shared "My Life In Pictures: July" and I really enjoyed doing that.  This weekend I had a pretty fantastic weekend and I thought I would share with you.  I think partly the lovely weather made it so lovely, but also time with friends and loved ones.  So if you like tea, and hair cuts, keep reading!

My weekend started just past 5:00 pm on Friday when I was waiting in the Eatons Centre for one of my best friends, C.  Like any responsible adult I grabbed a Frozen Hot Chocolate at Second Cup and headed straight for H&M Home.

I proceeded to purchase a zebra rug and a cat bowl.  I know, a very adult choice if I do say so myself. You can read more about my adventures in home décor here.  You can also see my totally cute cat dish, for the cat I don't have.

By then I had met up with Clare and we popped into Lush so I could exchange 5 empty tubs for a "Love Lettuce" Face Mask.

Then we headed to Sephora and had our lips touched up by the Make Up For Ever artists and popped in the photo booth.  I am glad that C decided to try a bold lip because it looked fantastic on her!  We finished off our evening with some Chinese food and general life dilemmas.  Typical 20-something life.

I wasn't sure where to put this, but over all I think I had a good Instagram weekend.  When Instagram introduced their changes making it easy to switch between accounts I decided to make a dedicated blog Instagram.  Originally I had one and it got hacked and then I was posting beauty photos on my personal account but at the end of the day my blog friends and my "real life" friends are pretty different and I thought two accounts would be better.  I've gotten the hang of sticking to a bit of a theme and have been really enjoying it. PS.  You can follow me here

Saturday morning I went in for my first haircut since last summer.  This was kind of a big deal for me because my usual salon closed down, and despite my best stalking of my stylist I couldn't find him.  Sadly split ends can only wait so long so I launched exhaustive Yelp, Google, Blog and personal contact research to find the best salon to suit my needs.  Civello on Queen West looked like a good pick and the lady on the phone said Morgan was good with long hair...

So I showed up around noon for my appointment and was offered tea.

Glorious green tea.

I had Morgan take a last minute picture of how long my hair was, but also to remind myself that the ends needed some love.

She cut my hair dry, which was actually really good.  Here I am mid blow dry.

And then she flat iron curled my hair and all was good in the world.  While in the chair Morgan was telling me how my hair was great for styling and then basically I just pictured all the special occasions I could possibly have to get my hair done for.

And here I am looking and feeling like a Disney Princess, thanks Morgan!  I'll be back.

I walked down Queen West to pop in the NYX boutique and grabbed a Butterfly Jasmine from David's on the way!

Drinking my tea and not wearing my coat!  Yay!

Then I went up mid-town to give a talk to a youth group and the organizer said my speech went well, which is always nice to hear.  No matter how many times I have done it, or in front of how many people, I still like being told I did a good job.  Sometimes I wonder why am I qualified to speak in front of kids only a few years younger than me and I worry that I am not leaving them with meaningful information so I try really hard to stay away from platitudes. 

^Here I am happy that my speech went well.

So then I went back downtown and hopped on a train to Kingston to see my boyfriend, enjoying the snapchat filters on the way and reading Mindy Kaling's "Why Not Me" all the way.

I did a good job at packing minimal makeup for my stay.  I kind of found the contrast between my Sephora goodies and his plaid sheets to be funny.

And then I watched some Netflix!

The next day we went for an hour or so long walk up and down Princess Street (the main street of Kingston) and I had another Butterfly Jasmine tea from David's.  I really enjoyed just having time to talk together, hold hands, talk about what we want out of the future.  All that mushy stuff, all the while popping into little shops.

And then we ended our walk at Menchies.  Mine was the one with all the candy.  We had dinner back at his place and the next morning I took a really early train back to Toronto to get to work.

Maybe not the craziest weekend but it was really nice to just relax and hang out together.  I can't wait until he is out of school for the summer, and then one more year and then we can be actual adults together!  Yay!

Oh--- and I watched the Bachelor on Monday night.  Part of me is sad that Jojo isn't engaged to Ben, but she is going to be the next Bachelorette and I can't wait because it is going to be such a fun season!

What did you do this weekend?

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