My Trip To H&M Home in Toronto

Tuesday 15 March 2016


h&m home toronto

Last weekend I was at the Eatons Centre, and of course, had to pop in and check out H & M Home.  I was really hoping that it would be overpriced and overrated, you know, so I could say I had been there and that it totally wasn't worth it.  That I could walk in, and walk out with out any damage to my wallet.  That I wouldn't come out of there with a half dozen knicknacks because oh my gosh they were pretty.  Well...If you want to see what I did walk out with...keep reading.

I walked into H&M and a bit of a daze came over bright, so much light, all of the pretty things.  I followed the signs right to the home section, walking past their beauty department without so much as a single swatch (impressive, am I right?!).  As it turns out I walked straight into the children's department.

Circling through H & M Home I came across all sorts of beautiful plates, textured bed sets, and all sorts of things that I aspire to own one day.  I am so excited to decorate my our apartment (literally just one year away.  My boyfriend and I have been looking forward to this for a few years now). Thankfully he has basically given me full control over how it will look because he figures with his job he won't be around much to enjoy it, and also he knows I just care more.  I think the only condition really is that it isn't all pink.  And while I want to go and buy ALL OF THE THINGS for it I know that it is a much more responsible adult decision to wait until we know what our space will look like.  So I wait.  And wander the halls of Winners, H & M Home, Ikea, The Bay...

Any ways I digress. After circling all of H & M Home (and spending significant time day dreaming about the little dinner parties I will host in my open concept loft with perfect lighting) I meandered my way back to the children's department.

h&m home toronto

My cat bowl

h&m home toronto

My cat bowl in use.  Until I have an actual cat.

I picked up the sweetest little cat bowl (complete with cat ears), because who doesn't want that on their vanity holding their things?  It retails for about $5 and while I could not find it on the website, this is very similar and is from the same line.

h&m home toronto

My room is still being put away...but my rug!

h&m home toronto

Ah I love this so much.

I also grabbed this sweet Zebra rug.  At first I was concerned that it would slip around, however it has a textured rubber back that keeps it steady.  I love that it is neutral, but fun at the same time.  I have placed this at the side of my bed and I think it adds some character. It retails for $34.99.

As it turns out, the Zebra rug is also from the Children's Department.  I was speaking with a gentleman working there and he told me that he purchased four of the cat bowls to feed his four cats from.  What a genius.

So basically I ended up buying a cat bowl for the cat I don't have, and a Zebra rug for the kid I don't have.  Being an adult is really classy guys.

In my defence, we plan on getting a cat when we move in together.  Except I wouldn't want to share my bowl with them.  Maybe I should buy a back up?  An aspirational cat owner?

So to wrap it up here are the three things I learned from my trip to H & M Home:

1. You don't know it, but there is something there that you need.
2. Its okay for adults to shop in the Children's department because 8 year olds are cooler than I was at 14.  And 14 year olds are probably cooler than I am now.  Social media guys....they grow up so fast/
3. I wish I could speed up my life by like 10 years because I think I would do a fantastic job at decorating a 3 year old girl's room.  So muck Ikea, so little time.

Have you had a chance to check out H & M Home in Toronto or Edmonton?  What did you think of it?

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PS. If you decide you want to return something from H&M Home it is the same policies as regular H&M but it can only be returned to a Home location (West Edmonton Mall or Toronto Eatons Centre).

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