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Friday 25 March 2016

lush easter collection pink egg glitter sparkle egg bath bomb

LUSH always knocks it out of the park when it comes down to their limited edition holiday releases. While their Mother's Day and Christmas collections are my all time favourites, their Easter 2016 collection, with its bright colours, completely caught my eye.  I picked up two bath products from this collection!  The perfect way to relax over this super long weekend.  These Easter Eggs are totally sweet and indulgent, but won't put the breaks on a healthy lifestyle!  If only the Easter Bunny hid these (maybe not the glitter one?) around my house... #goals

Fluffy Egg

Fluffy Egg is "the original Easter egg-shaped bath bomb" which returns to LUSH's shelves year after year.  It is a fun and cheerful bright pink with a fun cotton candy scent.  It fills up the bathroom in the most wonderful way and did not stain my tub, or really leave anything behind, which is always a nice bonus.  Fluffy Egg fills the bath with bright pink water with white bands of foam.  It left my skin feeling really nice and soft.  In the tub it is a hot pink with creamy white swirls.  I really enjoyed this bath bomb and would love to pick it up again next Easter!

Fluffy Egg retails for $5.95 CAD.

Golden Egg

Golden Egg is a luxurious toffee scented bath bomb melt.  It is quite literally covered in golden glitter, and loaded with moisturizing cocoa butter and olive oil.  This scent is sweet and uplifting at the same time, and left my skin feeling so wonderfully soft after I got out of the bath.  It isn't the strongest smelling bath product, and did not fill be bathroom the same way Fluffy Egg did.  However when I got out my skin smelled sweet and I was covered in finely milled, not too obvious, golden glitter.  This bath product is the perfect bath product to kick off the long weekend!  It is pretty messy to show off, so I highly recommend keeping it in its bag until you are ready to use it.  That being said I needed to get a photo... so look how it left my fingers!  Of course my biggest concern about this bath bomb was how it would leave the bath tub...well it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it did leave some considerable glitter behind.  After the tub was drained it was easy enough to wash away by running the shower head for a little bit longer.  Also it fills the bath with a golden shimmering mustard yellow swampy green colour.  So not so much of a looker in the tub, but my skin feels ah-mazing so all is good.  And glitter.

Golden Egg retails for $8.95 CAD.

lush easter collection golden egg fluffy egg

I really enjoyed these two bath bombs!  Each was lovely in its own way, and I hope they are both back next year!  Now that their Easter collection is taken care of, I can't wait for their Mother's Day collection.  Not that I will be buying it for my mom... but hey, I like roses too.

On another note I really enjoyed grabbing a basket at LUSH and picking out my eggs to put in it... :)

Have you tried anything from LUSH's Easter 2016 collection?  Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend filled with chocolate, and time with family!

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