Bangkok Garden | Winterlicious 2017 (Gluten Free Friendly!)

Tuesday 14 February 2017

bangkok garden resturant

Last weekend my friend and sometimes blog photographer Brianna joined me at the National Bridal Show, and afterwards we went out for dinner. Now, I don't really have any food restrictions, so I don't often pay attention to the vegetarian/vegan/gluten free etc menu options. Let's just say that gluten and Brianna are not the best of friends, so in picking our Winterlicious restaurant for dinner, the gluten free options mattered to me. Keep reading for the details on our meal at Bangkok Garden!

bangkok garden resturant winterlicious

As you can see, the menu is very gluten friendly. Unlike most Winterlicious menus, those needing to stay as far away from gluten as humanly possible actually have a pretty big selection of meals.

bangkok garden restaurant

Brianna opted for the Coconut Mussel Soup, and she preferred the mussels to the soup, not really finishing the whole thing. I found the bowl and plate to be really cute. For what it's worth, it smelled very good!

bangkok garden restaurant

I decided on the Chicken Spring Rolls served with a tangy Thai sauce. They were super yummy-- I was totally craving spring rolls, so these totally hit the spot. The sauce was really tangy and wonderful.

winterlicious 2017

Brianna opted for the Spicy Shrimp Pad Thai and she really enjoyed it! I love shrimp, but was not looking for noodles, so I opted for something else. She felt it had a good consistency and texture, and that the shrimp were a generous size. The only complaint was that it would be nice if the tail shells were already removed.

winterlicious 2017

For my main course I opted for the Bangkok Garden Chicken Biryani. The chicken was good, the rice a bit plain. I was surprised at how spicy the green sauce was so I enjoyed it in small doses. I was starving but unable to finish the full meal-- it was heavier than expected and I find when food is spicy I tend to eat less of it. I opted for this dish because I wanted something a bit healthier than say a deep fried chicken dish.

winterlicious 2017

Brianna had the cassava cake and found it kind of bland. She would not order again.

winterlicious 2017

I opted for the pineapple fritters and coconut ice cream and I really enjoyed it. I would love to try making them at home. I wish there were more of them and that they were served hot rather than lukewarm, but as mentioned they were delightful.

Overall we both enjoyed our meal at the Bangkok Garden, and if I was looking for Thai food would go back. My favourite Chinese restaurant was located near by, but they were unable to renew their lease, so I am in the market for a new place in that area. I would suggest a reservation as when we went it was packed and we ended up sitting in the bar area near the door that was constantly being opened and closed... so yeah I was cold. This restaurant is actually attached to my favourite spa in the city (Elmwood) so I would love to plan a full spa day including lunch. 

Here is the menu they had for Winterlicious 2017:

DINNER ($28*)

Appetizers (Choose One)

Thai Calamari
Chicken Spring Rolls
Warm Kale Salad (GF)
Coconut Mussel Soup (GF)

Entrées (Choose One)

Crispy Fish with Red Curry
Sriracha BBQ Pork (GF)
Spicy Shrimp Pad Thai (GF)
Tamarind Goat Curry with Brown Rice (GF)
Bangkok Garden Chicken Biryani (GF)

Desserts (Choose One)

Warm White Chocolate Rice Pudding (GF)
Pineapple Fritters and Ice Cream
Warm Coconut Tapioca (GF)
Cassava Cake (GF)

Have you tried this restaurant before? Any suggestions of places I should check out for next Winterlicious?

Winterlicious 2017 is now over.

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