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Saturday 18 February 2017

weight loss journey

Kate Moss once said that "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"-- and well, I wouldn't know. I've never really thought of myself as skinny, though looking back at high school me I wish I could just sit her down and say your skinny, don't stop exercising, stay where you are, right now. Just maintain that. Gain 10 pounds if you want. But I digress. Somewhere between graduating high school and graduating university life got busy, exercise basically came to a halt, salad became fries, my blog took up more time (and hey, I only needed a pretty face for that anyways), school took up time, I was working a lot, my boyfriend lived three hours away... and yeah. And now I am here, feeling every muscle in my body a day after a workout, writing a post about my first month back on the healthy living track. I'm pretty determined, I know I can do it if I put my mind to it. I just need to do it.

This month I signed up for Rob Gordy's Fitness Bootcamp, located at 66 Gerrard East. His special for new clients for the new year was $150 for 6 weeks with unlimited classes. The first week of classes I was in LA for Gen Beauty, so I am somewhere in the "third" week of classes which is really my second. Each week I have gone about three times. They offer morning, lunch and evening classes and so far I have been really enjoying them. I find the classes challenging and exhausting, but it is a really positive space. I think that if you see yourself as a non-skinny person the first thing you do is look around the room to see if you're the only one. The classes I have been in have a mix of girls who have clearly been going for a while, and newer clients, of all shapes and sizes. We're all working towards the same goal in our own way. The coaches are encouraging and push us hard, but if we can't do an exercise we can modify it. I find some ab exercises to be hard on my tail bone because I messed it up as a kid. They assign you to a coach, and offer meal guide help. I haven't really taken advantage of these offers yet, but I will. Its just been a crazy month for me. In my one-on-one with Rob we chatted about my goals and what I usually eat. He suggested I find a photo of me that I want to get back to and to look at it daily. I made myself a motivational "poster" that I may share on this blog in a future update. Since going back to the gym I have been more aware of what I have been eating, and exercising more than I ever have since high school. While it may not be perfect yet, some movement is better than no movement. Also he wants me to reduce Diet Coke... uuugh I will try.

weight loss journey

This was me four years ago. While my makeup game has seriously improved...yeah. Anyways the challenge is to take a photo of me that I like and want to strive for and to note how much weight you want to lose and by when. So for me it is 12 lbs during the 6 week challenge, 35 by Europe (July) and 60 for when I get married (in say 2 years). I am supposed to look at this photo every morning and evening. So I am going 1 step further and sharing it on the internet. Because that makes total sense. And yes, I edited this in SnapChat.

As for food, I have been packing my lunch more often, though not quite daily. My revised goal to save more money before I move out has inspired me to pack more of my lunches while my parents are still paying the bill. I have been making better choices when I am at restaurants, though generally I am trying out eat out less anyways. I have also been looking up yummy healthy recipes to make once I am living on my own. I can't wait to have full control over what I eat and to eat all of the stir frys (no rice or noodles).

A few weeks ago Stuart and I found the apartment that we are going to be moving to soon, and I liked that it had a nice gym and lap pool. I think I am going to have an easier time working out when I have access to that space.

Generally speaking my body feels sore, and I feel like I have lost some weight. I think I look better, though I have not hopped back on the scale since starting at the gym. That is something I am hoping to do at the end of February. I feel like I am getting better at the exercises, and I feel like I am losing weight or inches. I've also been falling asleep earlier because let's be honest, I have been tired.

Overall I am feeling pretty good about this new lifestyle. I think my next steps will be to further improve what I eat, and once I move into the new place to use the gym for cardio on days that I am not going to my classes.

weight loss journey

I wanted to share a February photo of me. Let's see what happens if I take one every month or so?

I'm not sure how often I will be doing posts like these, but I want to share my efforts with you.

If you have any yummy healthy recipes I am all ears!

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