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Wednesday 21 June 2017

blogger swap

Last weekend I had a bunch of my favourite blogger girls over for a fun afternoon of makeup, wine, and life chats. Everybody was asked to bring some makeup from their collection that they were looking to re-home, and a snack to share if they felt like it. Keep reading to see just how much makeup there was to swap and what I came home with!

Once people started to arrive we began to sort the makeup in to various categories -- lips, face, nails, "other" and so on. Beyond the standard makeup offerings there was a multi-option hair wand with like 8 different heads, some books, and tea! Once everything was in the right spot we took our time selecting what we wanted to go home with. The idea behind the swap was not to trade items one for one, but rather to bring things that you were happy to declutter, and to leave with some items that you were happy to try! If anything, my goal with this swap was to come home with less than I arrived with!

fresh wine lakeview co

fresh wine lakeview co

Our event was made all the more classy and fabulous by our friends at Lakeview Wine Company. They were kind enough to send us some of their Fresh wine to enjoy. Fresh really was the perfect wine partner! Not only did everything taste amazing (I was partial to the sparkling Muscato and the Riesling!) but the bottles were SO pretty! The best part? There was something for everybody! Kate was loving the Crisp White, and the sparkling rose was a popular choice too!

makeup swap

One of everything, please!

makeup swap

Needs more bronzer.

makeup swap

A cute little purple Lancôme palette

makeup swap

Palettes on palettes on palettes

The swap portion of the event had a natural end to it and it was pretty clear what was being left behind. One of the girls said that she had a friend who could take gently used makeup for charity. A few of us went through the remainder, item by item, and did a quality check. We figured that if the item looked "sad" that it was better off finding a new home in the garbage bin. She left with three bags of items to pass on to those who need it more, and maybe 15 items ended up in the trash. Not too bad!

As a blogger who is lucky to receive PR, I found it interesting to see a few brands that keep on popping up at swaps.  As far as I can tell these items get reviewed and then within moments are in the bin on the way out the door. We discussed that and agreed that it was kind of sad -- what is the point in accepting those products in the first place? Is it better to just say no? Is it even worth it for the brand to send it in the first place? If anything it was an interesting conversation to see what goes through other bloggers heads. We all really felt that nothing was off limits in terms of conversation.

fresh wine review

After that portion of the event was over it was back to snacking, and wine. Topics of conversation ranged from favourite mascaras, wedding plans, why cancer sucks, and what was working and wasn't working for us in our blogs. Oh, and let's just say that "pass the wine" was said a few times too. Beyond the six different offerings from Fresh, many of the girls had also brought a bottle for us to enjoy!

Everybody loved my cannoli dip, and we took turns snacking on a rich dessert and veggies! Everybody loved the Lite House Ranch Dip that we dipped the baby carrots into. Little did they know that they would all be leaving with a coupon to get one for free!

After the event was over I had some feed back from guests that they loved how positive and encouraging the group of women was to each other. On one hand I am so proud to know a group of ladies who makes that possible. On the other hand? It makes me sad that that is considered noteworthy. I loved seeing my friends build each other up, and seeing them share best practices. I also loved getting to know these ladies better, on a deeper level.

Later on in the evening, my two hour event that lasted for eight, the last few ladies came back to my apartment (we had the party in the party room!) to meet my cats, and let me tell you, they were a hit!

Eventually all good things come to an end. So, I walked the ladies down to my lobby and saw them off to their ubers. Only here is where things get really weird. So this girl who I had met in the elevator a few times comes down to walk her (adorable dog). Her dog befriends my friends, and police conversation is had. She leaves to walk her dog. She comes back and there was more conversation (we were all about the same age). But wait there's more.

Like all classy ladies, once my friends went home I ordered a pizza, and ate it with my cats.

Fast forward to the next day. The girl I met in the lobby was at the same wedding I was at! We had a chance to get to know each other and of course we offered her a ride home, because we were going to the same place. Crazy how everything works out?

As each guest left I gave them a gift bag. A huge thank you to my friends at Laneige, Farley Co, Lite House, Burts Bees, Tweezerman and Too Faced for making these bags possible! I know my guests were surprised, and that they really were the icing on top of an already amazing day.

If I could use one work to describe how I felt through the event and then even now as I write it ti would be happy. I am so happy to be surrounded by inspiring women who inspire each other. I am happy to have the support of brands who see the value in this sort of opportunity to put our heads together. And I am happy knowing that at least for those who came, that we started a broader conversation and connection. I can't wait to see where these new relationships go!

makeup swap

A few of the items that I was excited to leave with included a new book, some Fresh skin care, the NARS Orgasm nail polish, a Tarte foundation, a Caudalie micellar water and a Rock Your Hair powder. I did leave with a few other things too, but they did not look nearly as cute in the photo!

Interested in other perspectives from the event? Check out Tamara's post here. I will update this if any of my other guests write a blog post about it!

If you are a Toronto area blogger and you would like to attend an event like this in the future, I am planning on doing another one in the fall! Please just shoot me an email, and I would love to make sure you hear about it!

Some products featured were sent for review! 

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