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Friday 23 June 2017

generation beauty 2017 toronto

Hello and welcome to my Generation Beauty Toronto 2017 post where I will tell you (to the very best of my ability) who is giving out what. Obviously I just want a quick disclaimer that while I will try my best to be accurate, this is totally subject to change and subject to the brands.
This image is from a past Urban Decay event. Urban Decay will not be at Generation Beauty Toronto. They were at Creator Day. At Creator Day they gave each creator there the Naked Heat Palette! Wow!  

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Generally speaking each brand asked for an action to be made on social media in order to get your gift. The actions generally included following them on Instagram or posting a selfie and using a certain hashtag.

Ciate London

Deluxe mini bamboo bronzer or a deluxe mini liquid lipstick with several colour selections. On Sunday they ran out of liquid lipsticks and were also offering liquid eyeliner pens.


Your choice of the new Total Teese mascara or new Melting Pout melted liquid lipstick in red, indigo or purple.


At past Gen Beauties Luxie was hanging out tapered highlighting and blush brushes, which is why I was a bit disappointed that they were giving out tiny eyeliner brushes and spoolie brushes. They were also selling products at good discounted prices. I picked up a few Wake Up and Make Up tank tops for $12 each, tax included.


On June 20th MAC released a sneak peek on their new Canadian Instagram account of what they will be giving out: Full Sized Retro Matte Liquid Lip colour in high Drama, Tailored to Tease and Feels So Grand, and lip pencils in Cherry, Magenta and Vino. Given that each lip pencil matches a Retro Matte, my *guess* is that each attendee will receive one Retro Matte liquid lipstick and the matching lip pencil.    For showing up you got the liquid lipstick, and if you posted a selfie you also got the lip pencil. While you could pick the colour people generally selected the matching one.


They were handing out their strobe highlighting palette. In addition you could get a coupon where if you spent $25 or more that weekend at one of their flagship stores you could get a free product.


Deluxe mini of their iconic primer.

Absolute New York

They had  whole bunch of products you could "win" by rolling 1 or 2 dices (1 if you followed them on Instagram and 2 if you also followed them on Snapchat) .


Brow conditioner (I can't tell if it was full sized or deluxe sample sized, but either way, a good size!)


Full sized Vitamin C moisturiser.


A single hair elastic. They were also selling packs of their products at a competitive rate.

Marc Anthony

2 deep conditioner packets, a travel sized dry shampoo and a travel sized hair spray. If you had your hair done in a top knot or two you also got a dry styling oil.


A full sized Magnetic Matte Lip Colour in your choice of colour. I opted for "Saint". Rose was a popular option as it "sold" out by Sunday. I also learned that Greystone was developed in partnership with Sephora and is a Sephora exclusive. If you tried on your lipstick you also got a tin and sharpener. I opted not to partly because I wasn't sure if I already had Saint and if I did I wanted to put it in a giveaway. Also I have a whole bunch of their tins at home and really do not need another one.


Two foil packets each with a shampoo and conditioner at random

A deluxe mini Fully charged mascara, and selling products at 40% off.

Royal and Langnickel

They had a wheel that you could spin and that determined what brush you got. I went home with their face powder brush which is really nice, I already have it and love it.


They were handing out a hydrating lip balm and if you spun a wheel you could also win a additional goodie such as a face wipe, a foaming oil cleanser, or a tattoo balm.


A deluxe mini deep of their conditioning mask that you could customise by adding various oils.

Dirty Little Secret

They were selling products, and if you spent enough you got to spin a wheel to win an additional one. As for a free product, you got a lipstick in a colour at random. I think mine was blue.

Dr. Belmeur by The Face Shop

They wrote up a prescription for your skin based on your needs (they even had a handy little machine to tell you what they were!). From there you got a little custom packet of samples.

Essence Cosmetics

You picked a card and a machine read if you won a lip product, a face product, an eye product, a nail product, or the JACKPOT! One of each. I was lucky enough to win one of each!


They were handing out these neat little hair sheets that can be used to tame flyaway and such!


A deluxe mini face mask (I saw orange and black ones). They were also selling products for 30% off!


Depending on the time you came you could either get a full sized or deluxe mini Beach Waves hair texture spray. I don't think there was much thought or reason behind this. Either way the product was of generous size!

Physcians Formula

On Saturday they were giving out blushes and on Sunday they were giving out colour correcting cushions. I was happy to leave with a blush!

Pixi By Petra

They were selling products at a generous discount. Additionally they were diving out mini rose gold eyeliners.

POP Beauty

They were giving out a whole bunch of stuff including mini brushes, setting spray (I think?) and more! Basically the more you did the more you got.


They were handing out a full size moisturiser and a pretty little white canvass tote bag.


They were giving out packs of sheet masks.

You can check out my tweet here to see what came in the attendee day bag!

Additionally if you are curious about what came in my Content Creator swag bag, watch my video here:

Overall I found the weekend to be much more low key than it was last year. There were less brands, less people, the lines were much shorter, and I was able to zip through everything. With early access I actually visited every brand on the 1st day. However all of my appointments were on the second day. I feel like, with how few people came on Sunday, that even without early access you were able to visit every booth with time to spare.

Did you go to Gen Beauty Toronto? What was your favourite product that you went home with? What booth was your favourite?

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