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Tuesday 27 June 2017

the best pixi products canada

Remember that time that Target was in Canada? And we had Pixi, and Sonia Kashuk, and a big box store just filled with everything you don't need and yet at the same time need so badly. Well then Target left Canada (and with it a whole bunch of huge empty stores) and with it so did so many amazing brands. Target even made NYX easier to get! Thankfully Shoppers Drug Mart has stepped up to the plate, and not only is NYX availiable in most locations, but so is Pixi! With so many amazing products to choose from (seriously, narrowing it down to 5 was hard!) today I am here to share with you my five favourite products from Pixi!

The Endless Silky Eye Pen is a wonderfully silky and creamy eyeliner that is silky to apply, but really long wearing. It has an impressive colour range, including traditional black and brown, but also champagne, various blues, greens, and purples. This eyeliner earned a special place in my heart when I was in need of a winged liner and couldn't find my go-to Kat Von D liquid liner. I grabbed a traditional liner brush and began to flick it across the tip of the eyeliner to load it up with product. From there I easily applied a cat eye. It was smooth and easy to work into the shape I wanted, and once I let it dry down it stayed put. Gold star in my books!

Peel & Polish is a brand new product from Pixi. I learned at a brand lunch that I attended that Pixi actually started off as a skin care company. This radiance revealing enzyme peel uses fruit enzymes to loosen dead skin cells, lactic acid to exfoliate, and cellulose and sugar extracts to polish it all away. I always get a bit nervous around peels because I worry that they will be too intense on my skin. Thankfully this product is gentle, and leaves my skin simply glowing!

I was first introduced to Pixi's Beauty Bronzer + Kabuki ages ago in an ipsy bag, and I fell in love! The only problem? Pixi wasn't availiable in Canada. I cherished that bronzer, so now having a full size is fantastic! I love that this bronzer has a bit of shimmer to it with out being glittery or gritty. It created a beautiful and radiant glow, which is exactly what I am looking for in a bronzer!

Pixi's OG is their iconic Glow Tonic. I was actually a bit nervous to use this at first because it was orange, and in my experience orange skin care is usually rough on my skin (I have no idea if that makes sense!). However I took one for the team and gave it a try, and now I can't get enough! This gently toner leaves my skin glowing and fresh. I use it morning and night. Since getting my first full sized bottle back in March I have used up every single drop. The smaller bottle I included in this photo is still full (I am taking it on my trip!) so I will need to pick up another one to keep at home!

Lately my skin has been feeling dry along the high points of my cheeks-- I switched my night cream to a product I was sent to review and it is not working for me (not a Pixi product!). I have been reaching for a few drops of my Rose Oil Blend to gently but firmly press into my skin and it has been making my face feel much better! I even wore it to work this morning with some mascara and groomed brows and felt great. This oil smells fantastic and is so gentle on my skin.

I wanted to give a very, very honourable mention to the Hydrating Milky Mist. This milky white face spray is so refreshing. I was recently obsessing over it with Danielle (and she gave it a shout out here) and decided to include it in this post. I was actually only sent this mist a few weeks ago, while I have had many of these other products for a few months (thus giving me the time to try them out and really identify my FAVOURITES) but in the few weeks I have had the milky mist I have been IMPRESSED. Some times I spray it on my face in the morning before I do my usual skincare routine. Some times I spray it all over my face before bed. No matter when I do my skin feels cool and refreshed. I like to then gently pat it into my skin to make sure it gets where it needs to go. Let's just say that this product will be coming with me on my trip.

Pixi does not test on animals. Their products can be purchased at Target in the US, and Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. You can also go to their stand alone store in Venice Beach, LA. I am looking forward to swinging by their flagship store in London in about two weeks to see where the magic really happens. Currently Pixi has an endcap in many Shoppers. If you aren't sure if your local store carries their products, give them a call and ask in advance. At this point most of the Toronto Shoppers I go to have their products in stock.

Have you had a chance to try out Pixi? What products seriously impress you? Anything you think I should try?

All products mentioned in this blog post, and many more, were generously sent to me by Pixi for review purposes. Opinions are my own and the love is so real! xoxo 

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