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Tuesday 13 June 2017

joe fresh clothing review

When it comes to summer fashion I am always on the lookout for easy to wear dresses. Something I could wear to work on a more casual day, on the weekend running errands, or off to brunch with friends. I came across this dress at Joe Fresh at Vaughan Mills and fell in love. Keep reading for all the details!

joe fresh clothing review

This peppy red dress otherwise known as the "Contrast Embroidery Dress" retails for $29 (and it was 25% off when I bought it at Vaughan Mills!). I love the white embroidery details on the top (perfect colours for Canada Day) and the casual tassel at the neckline. 

I paired this dress with this fantastically detailed purse I picked up at Winners at the Dixie Outlet Mall. I think that this warm brown leather pairs well with basically anything, but I love the way it compliments the dress. 

joe fresh clothing review

My main motivation for picking up this dress was that I thought it would be perfect for travel. Light weight, flattering, pretty in pictures, functional, and easy to wash and dry. The functional part is important to me because there will be quite a bit of walking around and exploring across Europe to do, and I don't want to be worried about bra straps, or strapless bras! 

I love Joe Fresh because they create so many trendy, comfortable and easy to wear pieces at a really affordable price point. 

joe fresh outfit of the day

Other details I included are my favourite Sperry's shoes that I wear basically every day from May through September, and a rose gold paid of sunglasses by Zenni. Zennis can be hard to order because there are so many options, the frame, the lens, the colour, that it can be hard to imagine just what they will look like on you. 

I ordered these in the winter for my trip to Cuba, so I am not sure if the style is still available, however it is frame 1115233 in the colour cream with 1,50 polarized non prescription lens in amber with the tint at 80%. I also added an anti-reflection coating in Rose Gold with the mirror finish and had my name engraved in the inner arm to say "Alanna". In total that would retail for $87.84. Zenni is really cool because as you customise the glasses you also customise the price. I am really impressed by these glassed, and really happy with the lens customisation that I opted for! 

zenni sunglasses

too faced sweet peach

I completed the look with Pur's Bare It All foundation. I love this foundation because it has a skin-like finish and is totally heat and sweat proof. Once this is on my face, it stays there. I applied a quick coat of Clarin's lip gloss, and created a soft look using Too Faced's Sweet Peach palette

I hope you enjoy this pretty look I put together! My friend Brianne (from Sincerely Bri) did the photography. We actually did an epic round of outfit photos, so be ready to see some more fashion on my blog! 

PS -- Check out this Joe Fresh summer lookbook that I created!

This post is not sponsored by Joe Fresh. Clothing was purchased with a giftcard provided by Vaughan Mills related to this post. 

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