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Tuesday 20 June 2017


joe fresh summer dresses plus size

There are two kinds of people in the world. There are the kinds of people who find out that their friend is wearing the same dress as them to a party, and they freak out in a bad way. And then there are the kind of people who find out that their friend is wearing the same dress as them to a party, and they freak out in a good way. In case you were wondering, I am proud to say that I am the "in a good way" kind of person*.
*unless you wore the same dress as me to my wedding. Then I would not be so casual about it.

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joe fresh summer dresses plus size

Nobody knows how awkward it is walking around together dressed like matching 4 year old twins. 

Annnnyways so a week or two ago my blogger babe friend Brianne (from the lovely Sincerely, Bri) and I decided that we would team up and do a photo shoot together. Some #OOTDs for me, some #OOTDs for her, and we all live happily ever after. Well then I post a picture of this dress in my Vaughan Mills post, and she comments that she would be wearing the same dress to our shoot (hilarious).

We decided to make the most of it and are so happy to be bringing to you our take on "One Dress Two Ways". Best part about this post is that we literally both already had the dress, so no extra money spent on our end! 

As will surprise nobody who knows both of us, Bri styled her dress in a causal way and well, I added pearls. 

joe fresh summer dresses plus size

joe fresh summer dresses plus size

Bri kept her hair loose and curly as she wore the dress off the shoulders. She kept it comfortable with a classic pair of Birkinstocks. With her styling I can see this dress as the perfect thing to wear while handing out on the dock, or having a super casual brunch with friends.

joe fresh clothing review

joe fresh clothing review

Meanwhile I channelled my inner Yorkville-girl and styled my hair in a trendy half bun, adding my favourite pair of RayBands. I completed the look with a string of knotted pearls, and some white kitten heels. I felt confident, beautiful, and so glam in this look. Best part? The dress is SO light weight.

joe fresh clothing review

Bri and I only really had one issue with the dress -- add even an ounce of wine and the cute ruffle on the top just flies up in your face! For every perfect photo you see in this post there were probably 15 that ended up in the trash bin. If you re planning to be photographed on this dress either make sure it is not windy, or that you have a dedicated photographer. Otherwise it may be best to keep this as an indoor dress (perfect for bridal and baby showers!).

You may be wondering why there has been so much Joe Fresh love on the blog lately. Well, first, I bought a whole bunch of Joe Fresh pieces for my upcoming trip to Europe. I love how affordable Joe Fresh is, and how the clothes are perfect to pack and unpack and not to worry about while I am having fun exploring. 

But there is a second reason. Joe Fresh is so inclusive with their sizing! For girls on the higher end of the sizing scale there are options that fit well and look good, with out breaking the bank. And that is worth its weight in gold! I love that Joe Fresh has options for nearly everybody without making anybody feel like they don't belong. Plus, their clothes are always so cute and stylish without being "trendy". I always feel beautiful in my Joe Fresh clothes, and I know that Bri feels the same! I mean hey, we literally both bought the same dress! 

Bri and I had a blast styling our new favourite dress in our own unique way. One thing we learned? Watch the frilly top in the wind!

Have you ever had a moment where you and a bestie ended up buying the same dress? How did you deal with it, or did you even care? 

If you are interested in buying this dress you can do so here. At the time of publishing it was on sale for 61% off!

This post is not sponsored by Joe Fresh. I purchased this dress with a gift card from a previous Vaughan Mills campaign. Bri bought her dress with her own money.

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