Fab Fit Fun Fall 2017 Spoliers & Why I Switches To The Annual Subscription

Friday 8 September 2017

fab fit fun spoiler fall 2017

I haven't been this excited about my Fab Fit Fun box in a while. Actually... probably since last fall! I find that they do an excellent job on the fall box because they seem to  find the most lovely scarves! Keep reading to see why I switched to an annual subscription, and to see what I will be getting!


  • The Jetset Diaries Cable Knit Beanie OR a belt
  • dpHUE Apple cider Vinegar Hair Rinse OR a charcoal toothpaste kit
All Fab Fit Fun subscribers had the choice between a hat (in pink or black) or a belt (in brown or black). However there was no option to select the colour. While I think either is nice and wearable, I am really hoping for the pink one! We also had a choice between a scalp treatment (which is what I selected) or a charcoal toothpaste set.


  • Mer-Sea & Co Scarf in Blush Ombre, Grey Ombre or Teal Ombre
  • Private Party Gym Bag in "Will Work Our For Cupcakes""Meet Me At The Barre" or "Gym & Juice"
  • treStiQue Matte Colour & Shiny Balm Lip Crayon in "Tuscan Wine & Syrah" or "Florence Fig & Rose Balm"
All annual Fab Fit Fun subscribers had the chance to choose what scarf and lip colours they wanted in addition to what phrase they wanted on their gym bags. I couldn't choose between the pink and grey scarves (they seem so cosy!) so I got both by adding one on. I already have a gym bag that works really well for me, but of the options I figure, I am not much of a juicer, I don't do barre classes...or go to actual bars, and everybody loved cupcakes! So I chose the "Will Work Out For Cupcakes". Hopefully my trainer thinks its funny!! I had a really hard time deciding between the two lip colours but in the end I picked the deep "Tuscan Wine & Syrah" because I thought it would be better for the fall! 

I also added on a grey Mod Cloth scarf that they had last fall. Last fall I got the brown scarf and I fell in love with it! I use it all the time. I love having wonderful scarves for fall and winter because I find they make me feel like I am wearing a different outfit when I am always wearing the same coat!

Why I Switched To The Annual Subscription

Up until I switched to the annual subscription with Fab Fit Fun, all of my beauty sub boxes were on the month to month contract. Part of the reason behind that is I like being able to cancel at any time, and the other reason is that I don't find much value to being an annual subscriber beyond a modest cost savings that is, in my mind, off set by the fact that you are basically paying $200 upfront for stuff that you may not actually like.

I don't think I have ever really been disappointed by a Fab Fit Fun box. I find that I still get excited about them since they are quarterly rather than monthly, and I love that they are full of full sized products that I would actually use. The only downside for me has been seeing all of the pretty colours that something comes in and thinking to myself that I would love it in x, y, or z, but please please please not the other one... and then I get the other one (like if I ended up with the teal scarf this month). I decided to make the switch to annual because with an annual subscription I have the choice to pick most of the colours or versions of products that I want! To me, that's worth it! If I am going to pay $50 USD (!!!!!) per box I want to make sure that of say a brown, red, or grey scarf, that I get the grey one that I will actually wear. It makes sense to me to switch to annual because I feel like I get better value for my money. I would rather love 100% of the things in my box, then wish something was a different colour or style! It was actually the scarves in the box this month that converted me to an annual sub. I would have been so disappointed if I got the teal one, where as I know if I got the grey or pink that I would be wearing it all the time and really getting value for my money.

Lemon Berry Blog has a great set of spoilers up for this box. I love knowing that in addition to the items I picked this month that I will get a few more surprises and goodies! Can't wait for my scarves to arrive :)

If you decide to sign up for this subscription I would love it if you would use my link. You save $10 and I get something back too!

Are you subscribed to this box? What is your favourite subscription box?

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