MAC Next To Nothing Foundation Review & Why Blog Posts Are More Than First Impressions

Tuesday 5 September 2017


mac next to nothing foundation review honest

The working title for this post is "MAC Next To Nothing Foundation Review & Why Blog Posts Are More Than First Impressions"...and ugh...I just don't even want to write it. I want to start off by saying that I have a fair bit of love for MAC as a brand, and that I really, really, really hate sharing negative reviews. But...........
There really is no good way to say it. I really do not care for this foundation and I don't think that there is much good that I can say about it. Now that I have that off of my chest let's get into the meat of the review.

MAC Next To Nothing Face Colour ($38 CAD)

MAC's Next To Nothing Face Colour comes in nine shades. I wear the second palest shade called "Light Plus". It is described as a "moisturizing tinted cream" and it is probably the oiliest MAC foundation I have ever tried.  I often found my face too slick to apply blush and bronzer directly on top so I ended up setting it wish various powders trying to make it work.

In the summer I tend to tone down my coverage to something lighter -- tinted moisturizers, BB & CC creams, etc. Not only do I love to let my light freckles shine through, but most summer days are just too hot to get all done up. 

mac next to nothing foundation review honest

When I first applied this foundation I was in love with how luminous my skin looked. Coverage wasn't very good, so I ended up adding concealer under my eyes, but other than that my skin looked really great. When it came time to add blush, bronzer, and highlighter my skin was too slick to add powder, so I ended up setting it with a setting powder and then applying my bronzer and blush. So far, so good. And my baby freckles? They looked so sun kissed, I was in love.

By the time I got to work my bronzer and blush had broken up strangely on my face to the point that when I touched my face the foundation would end up in little lumps on my face. At first I thought that the foundation was reacting poorly to my bronzer (Benefit Hoola) so the next day I swapped out Hoola in favour of the new Guerlain bronzers I had been sent. Surely that finely milled powder would hold up well! .... And again the next day the same thing happened. I actually wore this foundation for a week trying to make it work for me. I loved the look when I finished my makeup, but within an hour of getting to work it was all downhill. After four or five attempts I finally resigned to the fact that it wasn't me... it was the foundation. 

mac next to nothing foundation review honest

I'm not sure if you can see on my cheeks, but the foundation is already starting to break up under my bronzer. 

Now, I do have something positive to share about this mailer. MAC was nice enough to include two new brushes with the foundation! I'm always down to add some new brushes to my collection, and I honestly believe that MAC makes some of the best! 

MAC 141S ($35 CAD)

MAC's 141S brush is a dense fan brush made of synthetic fibres. It can be used for powders, liquids and creams, though personally I am obsessed with using it on any of my watery liquid foundations. I find that it leaves behind a flawless finish and doesn't absorb product the way my Beauty Blender does.

MAC 140S ($42 CAD)

MAC's 140S is made from a blend of synthetic fibres and shaped into a rounded, full fan. It is designed to be used with powders. I like using it with a setting powder. I also love using it for a light dusting of bronzer!

While the foundation was a flop for me, the brushes are a welcome addition to my vanity! 

Have you tried this product? What did you think of it?


I also wanted to share a great review from my Twitter friend, The Happy Sloths. She did a review on this foundation and had similar results to me. The biggest difference? She got some great photos of the little foundation lumps that I could not quite capture! 

Product sent for review. Opinions are my own!

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