Nudestix All Over Face Colour | Bondi Bae & Illumi-naughty

Wednesday 6 September 2017

Nudestix All Over Face Colour } Bondi Bae & Illumi-naughty

Ever since Nudestix hit the aisle at Sephora, I have been a fan of this homegrown Canadian brand. Recently they expanded away from their standard eye and lip crayons to include some products for the rest of our face. Today I am here with a quick review on their bronzer and highlighter! 

Each of these cream products come in a thick black twist up tube. I almost want to describe them as crayon style... but not quite. On one end is the product that you can twist up. On the other end you will find a soft, dense brush. In addition to being availiable as bronzers and highlighters they also come in blush form.

Bondi Bae is a matte mid toned warm bronzer that reminds me a fair bit of Benefit's Hoola when it comes to the colour.

Illumi-naughty is more than a fun name! It is a stunning pearl highlight with a bit of a pink shift to it. 

Nudestix All Over Face Colour } Bondi Bae & Illumi-naughty

I applied Bondi Bae in the classic "3" around my face. I tried to blend it in using the brush on the other end but I found it was too small to do the job and ended up using my trusty Beauty Blender.  I then applied a pop of blush before dragging the Illumi-Naughty along my cheek bones. I found that doing that dragged the product with it, so I blended in again with my Beauty Blender. I then loaded up my fingers with the product and gently tapped it along. I found that this yielded significantly better results!

I am not a big fan of the attached brush I find that is removes product more than it blends it, and I find the brush is too small to do the work I want it to.

A few weeks after taking this photo I tried Illumi-Naughty on my eye lids. After priming and evening my lids with MAC's Paint Pot in Painterly I gently tapped some of Illumi-Naughty under my brows and on the centre of my lids. I love how glossy and fresh this made me look!

Have you had a chance to try these? What do you think?

Products sent for my review. Opinions remain my own!

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