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Saturday 9 September 2017

pacifica lip balm

Its always handy to have a lip balm in your purse. Often enough my boyfriend will ask if I have one, or I will end up in a heavily air conditioned office that just dries me out (summer). In the winter, its the cold wind coming in off Lake Ontario that leave my face (and in particular my lips) dry and chapped. I tend to get bored of the traditional vanilla/mint/cherry combinations so I was excited when Pacifica's new collection landed on my desk!

pacifica lip balm

This fun new launch includes seven new lip balms and a lip scrub. Flavours include: Persian Cherry, Summer Kale, Bali Coconut, Cuban Mango, Hawaiian Banana, Indian Chai and Rainbow Watermelon.

Each of these balms is clear -- no tints here! They each have a very unique and distinct scent. In my opinion, Indian Chai is the most unique! I have never seen chai as a lip balm flavour, and I know that it will be a hit for those who love chai tea! Hawaiian Banana smelled just like the ear infection medicine I had as a kid, in the best possible way (I always loved the fact that it was banana flavoured. As a kid I had quite a number of ear infections and the banana medicine was comforting to me and made it all better).

pacifica lip balm

While each of the scents was lovely, Summer Kale was with out a doubt my favourite! This lip balm had the same refreshing, fruity green scent that the shampoo and conditioner that I fell in love with does! It is entirely unique among my lip balm and gloss collections, andI have been reaching for it over the last few weeks! My other favourite was Cuban Mango, because I love mangos. Of course wear time on a lip balm is nothing to write home about, however they are moisturizing and leave my lips feeling good!

pacifica lip balm

This collection also included a lip scrub. I like that the scrub can be used straight from the tube -- no dipping dirty fingers into a jar! It gets the scrubbing done without being too abrasive which I appreciate. I like to use this once or twice a week a the same time that I brush my teeth.

Pacifica always have the most inviting natural scents. Not only do they have fun names, but they are often in unique combinations. I am so happy that this lip balm collection is no different!

Have you had a chance to try anything from this collection? What do you think?

This collection can be purchased at Ulta for $4.99 USD each. This line is Ulta exclusive. They are 100% vegan, and cruelty-free.

Products sent for review, opinions remain my own!

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