Saturday 19 October 2013


I already own three Babylips lip balms, but hey, they're versatile, forever useful, and on sale!

Although I am not nearly as obsessed with them as I was with Lip Smackers when I was 13 (my introduction to make up if you will), they really do fill my modern day need for a lip product that leaves my lips soft and protects them from sun damage and cold weather.

Hiding somewhere in my purse, or at home on my counter are "Quenched" 005 (The baby blue tube), "Pink Punch" 025 (The hot pink tube), and "Melon Mania" (Limited edition in a blue-green tube).  Quenched and Melon Mania get a reasonable amount of use.  Though I know "Pink Punch" is at the back of my lip gloss drawer and will probably remain there until the summer.  I like having a nice lip balm because I love to wear matte lip stick (Especially MAC's Lady Danger), and unfortunately with out lip scrubs and lip balms tmy quest for the perfect statement lip can lead me to dry and flakey lips.

Products: Babylips "Cherry Me" 015 and Babylips Electro in "Pink Shock" 070.
Cost: $4.79 On sale at Shoppers Drug Mart

Note: Shoppers Drug Mart had a special on - purchase any 2 Maybelline New York products and receive 3000 bonus Optimum Points.  Score. 

Both products promise 8 hours of moisturizer 

"Cherry Me" also boasts SPF 20.  I will have to keep that in mind next time I am somewhere warm and sunny!

All that aside, the "neon" pink and the sheer red look similar on my lips.  While they add a nice tint, they don't compete with lip sticks in terms of colour coverage- and that's ok, they make my lips feel soft and will be great at preventing chapped lips this winter.

"Cherry Me" has a nice scent, similar to a Cherry Lifesaver.  "Pink Shock" on the other hand is odourless.  I suppose each has a purpose.  

The website says that these can be worn under lipstick.  I think they would be great for a day when you want to wear minimal makeup while still looking put together.

I think that I prefer "Pink Shock" because the formula has shea butter.  From my unscientific analysis it keeps my lips moisturized longer.  Though, I am curious where they got the 8 hour figure...  Another note, I find "Cherry Me" to have a waxier finish.

All in all, well worth the sale price of $4.79 each.  The bonus points help too.  Because they are so cheap I won't get too worried if one gets misplaced.  Between migrating from my purse, to make up bag, to luggage, to lip gloss drawer some articles get lost in transition.  Never actually lost, just impossible to find when needed. 

When these run out I will have to try some different colours.  Maybe "Peach Kiss"?  I don't like any other Electro colours.  

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