Topbox November 2013, Wishlist

Wednesday 16 October 2013

This will be my first top box, and I am pretty excited!

I got an email today from Topbox asking my to fill out my wish list.

The way this works is that you can select how ever many boxes you would like.  Topbox randomly selects who receives the special boxes, and if you receive a special box it will be in place of the standard box.

I would not be opposed to receiving the regular box given that they tend to be pretty good.  But I figured, what the heck, and made a wish list anyways.

Here are the boxes you can opt into.  Please note that for some you have to pay an upgrade charge.


This is a bit "mature" for my needs.  And Julep sent me a similar eyeliner last month.

How cool is this?

Getting one full sized product, while a great value, defeats the purpose for me.

Not really my thing.  Good value though.
All photos are from

I was not terribly excited about most of the upgrades.  Although I am starting to warm up to Estee Lauder, I found their selection to be a bit more mature.  Maybe if I was looking for a gift for my mom?

However I did opt into the Givenchy box, because why not!  The mascara and lip stick look good.  Plus, its a free upgrade for a very high end brand.  I don't own any Givenchy makeup, so it would be a nice way to test out the brand.

If I don't get the Givenchy box, I will get the normal box, which I am sure will be lovely as well.  I'll find out when I open the box in November!  Fingers crossed!

An additional little surprise, they included a code ("TOPBOX") that can be used for 10,000 Shoppers Optimum Points if you spend $75 at (Shopper's higher end cosmetics focused store.  Side note:  I have only ever seen one retail location which I believe was in Edmonton?)  I think the code expires at the end of this month.

Additional note x2: has free shipping on orders of $75 or more until October 23.  Perhaps they can be used together?  I don't really like buying things online and having to pay for shipping when I could get them for the same price in store.

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