Boho Glam or Classic With a Twist? Selecting my November Julep Box!

Sunday 20 October 2013

Ever since becoming a Julep Maven I have a new found excitement for the 20th of every month.  That's right!  Time to select my box!

This month's theme is "Right at Home" which immediately conjured up images of Glade scented air freshener, Bath and BodyWorks candles, and Christmas.

With the spoiler, I knew I wanted my lip gloss to be "Charming" (the nice mauve one).  Alas, with each lip gloss assigned to a box (5 lip glosses, 5 boxes, well played) that meant carefully factoring in the two nail polish colours, and the lip gloss.

Decision time!
Charming comes with the "Boho Glam" box.  I tend to sit right on the "Classic With a Twist" and the "Boho Glam" line, leaning a bit more towards "Classic With a Twist".  In other words, if I don't like the offerings for "Classic With a Twist" I almost always go for "Boho Glam" (except for last month when I just disliked all of the colours and opted for "Modern Beauty").  I love that Julep lets you PICK your box every month rather than just assigning you the profile.  Really, I just one Julep.

But...I just didn't love either of the "Boho Glam" colours enough to make up for the lip gloss.

So back to my usual "Classic With a Twist"

I love, love, love the "Desert Sand" (re: Gold!) Micro-glitter.  And although red doesn't top my favourite colours, this orange-red "Cherry pie" colour should go nicely with my favourite lipstick, MAC's "Lady Danger".  It looks like a classic colour that will be perfect for Christmas parties and little black dresses.

As for the lip gloss in "Glowing" it seems nice?  Nothing too special.  Natural?  Part of my wants to use it so I can review it.  Part of me wants to potentially add it to my "give-to-friends" box.  Maybe I will review it with a disposable tester so if I am not in love with it I can pass it on sans guilt?

And then I saw the add-ons.

I really, really thought about adding on "Charming".  But $13.99,  really?  So I can have two lip glosses I don't need?  Gah I wish I could just trade it out. After debating on and off I decided that I have enough mauve lip products, and can manage with out this one.  I'll just keep my fingers crossed that it ends up in the Secret Store in a month or two.  Or hey, maybe even this month!

I did end up adding on "Lola" a "Moonlit Night Blue Satin" polish.  I'm interested to see what this one turns out like, because any of the coloured polishes I have from Julep are "crème" polishes, which are quite nice.  This should be fun!

I love the add on polishes because at $4.99 they are so cheap.  Its hard not to get one.  Some  of the other products?  Eh, not so much.  The lip primer looks interesting.  But I just can't bring myself to.  Maybe I'll get one at Sephora.

I also considered using my Jules, apparently you get a free polish every three months in a row of getting your box?  That means a free polish in December!  Yay!  But I want to hold off and get a new, full priced polish.  Why to get the most bang for your Jules?

I'm looking forward to reviewing these when they arrive.  Also?  Can't wait for the Secret Store.  12 more days!

And finally some self promotion.  If you want to sign up to be a Julep Maven, use the code "FREECOLOR" (Note the American spelling) and get your first box for free!  The intro boxes are pretty cool right now- especially the Modern Beauty box.  And if you do sign up, please use My link! If you do, I get some Jules, and you get my gratitude!

Until next time!

PS.  How legit would it be to be able to order this?  So much lip gloss... so much nail polish... so much money!  I can dream!  Maybe one day.  But actually, $75...  I would have to be in love with an entire collection.  And by in love, I mean head over heels in love.

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