Ipsy October 2013

Saturday 19 October 2013

My Ipsy bag finally arrived.  When I got home on Friday my tracking told me it had arrived.  Sadly, there was no hot pink bubble package waiting on the counter for me.  After dinner the door bell rung, and our new neighbour was standing there with my package.  Some how, after correctly arriving at my house for months it ended up next door.  Odd, and annoying, but very kind of the new neighbour to bring it over.

Just being honest, I wasn't all too excited about the arrival of this bag.  After seeing what I was getting I was...indifferent?  After seeing what I could have got, I was disappointed.

What I received:

Photo Credit: www.ipsy.com
All I can say is... eh?  I have heard good things about the Zoya nail polish, and another dark purple will be nice.  I have handfuls of Ole Henriksen foil samples from Sephora in a drawer in my room, and more than enough hand cream and lip gloss to last a life time.  As for the "Spray Clay", I spend a lot of time and effort trying to achieve shiny hair (Mmmm Moroccan Oil).  I can't quite fathom why I would want to make it any less shiny...Or really why anybody would.

What I COULD have received:
Note: Purple circle = things I wanted.  Red X = Things I did not want.
Photo Credit: www.ipsy.com
Buxom lip gloss... eyeshadow brush...blow dry gel (I don't know what this is, but it sounds better than a hair clay to make your hair matte).  But hey, I didn't get another Starlooks item, a crappy NYC eyeshadow palette, another mineral MICA shadow (I think I have 3 now?) or any more acidic LA Fresh wipes.  Still, pretty disappointed that the 3 items I did want evaded me.  

Now, onto the un-boxing.

The bag!
Although I wasn't terribly excited over the bag its self, after a few days it has started to grow on me.  It probably won't replace any of my top 5 make up bags (after months of being subscribed to these bags I have more than enough to last a life time), but its cute.  I like it a little bit too much to give away, and a little bit not enough to use regularly.  

Inside!  Note: I removed the nail polish from the bag.  It blocked the rest of the view.

Here are all of the items received.

Sexy Hair Spray Clay (50 mL)
Value:  $7.46

According to their website:  

"A non-traditional clay in a spray form. With this new innovative aerosol application it allows for a fine and even product distribution to achieve an allover textured look with a matte finish. This product is great for all hair types needing added texture and movement with a dry, non-waxy hold."

I really don't have much interest in trying this.  But in the interest of science?  Make-up?  Make-up Science?  I will.  It smells less chemical that other hair sprays.  A slight scent of minerals?  Let's go with that.  It definitely achieved the matte result, and creates rougher texture.  But neither of these things appeal to me.  I'll have to see which of my friends has a need, or at least, interest in this. 

Ofra Lipglos Plumper in "Sultry"(10 mL)
Value: $12.95

Although a bit darker than I usually go for this lipgloss actually ended up complementing my skin tone nicely.  It has a nice berry tone, and enough sparkles that while noticeable, don't remind me of my lip gloss wardrobe circa 2007.  Personally, I do not notice the plumping factor.  But hey, its a nice colour.  Its full sized.  And will come in handy keeping my lips from drying out this winter. 

Verdict:  I like it more than I thought I would.

Nourish Organic "Coconut and Argan"Body Lotion (30 mL)
Value: $1.52

Nothing really interesting to say.  This product is a thick hand cream with a pleasant scent.  the tube is smaller than I expected, but a great size to toss in my purse for cold days this winter.

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster (7 mL)
Value: $11.20

This product is aimed at the "fighting anti-aging" crowd, which thankfully, as a 20 year old I am not quite in yet.  Described as a "daily vitamin for your face" it can't hurt to try it.  After all, those ladies at the Clinique counter at The Bay always say to start using anti-aging products before you show sings of aging to prevent aging (I see what they did there.  Use it even if you don't think you need it so that way when you're older and you do need it you...still need it?  Need it less?).  All that is to say, I put the goopy, critics scented serum on my face...and nothing really happened.  I'll have to give it a few more days.

Zoya Nail Polish (full sized)
Value: $9.75

My GlamRoom showed that I was going to receive the purple jewel tone polish (there was also a green and a pink).  But when I opened my bag it was... pink!  I can't say that I really cared either way.  Regardless this was going to go in a little bag in my closet where I collect things for my mom's Christmas present.  

Total Value: $42.88
What I Paid: $14.95

However I am going to knock off the value of the Spray Clay because I can't think of any use for it.


Well done Ipsy.  I was able to get over my initial disappointment with the success of the lip gloss and the hand cream.  I still wish I had received a few different items.  But 

In full disclosure I was going to cancel my subscription this month.  But since this bag was reasonably good, I am going to hang on until at least after Christmas.  Here's hoping they put in a little extra something to celebrate the holidays!

On the even brighter side?  Tomorrow I get to pick my Julep box for November! 

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