Ipsy December 2013 "Celebration"

Monday 16 December 2013

After spending a few days away from home, I came home to my Ipsy bag, Topbox, and Julep Cyber Monday purchases.  Talk about sample overload!  It was fun to sit and open them all at once, but then it was done, and all I was left with was packaging that had to be thrown out, and a general sense of disappointment.

When I first saw this month's Ipsy bag I was pretty disappointed.  So disappointed in fact that I promptly canceled my subscription.  Last month I really had nothing to say, so I didn't bother post.  In short-- I am pretty sick of Be a Bombshell, Pop, J. Cat, and false eyelashes.  And look!  All four at once.  I enjoy Ipsy, and maybe in 6 months I will come back once they get their brand quality up a bit.  Once upon a time Ipsy gave me Smashbox AND Urban Decay in the same bag... those were the days.  Alas, those days are gone.  Perhaps they will come back?  And maybe when that day comes they will also actually personalize the bags?

This month I received Bright Up Your Life Eyeshadow Trio in "Smokin Hot" (Black/Grey/White), The One Stick by Be a Bombshell in "Girl Crush" (Pearly baby pink), Signature Fragrances by English Laundry, Big Lip Pencil by J. Cat in " Caramel Mocha" and Strip Lashes (fake eyelashes) by Andrea.

It is a sad day for Ipsy when my favourite thing about the bag is, well, the bag.  This is sleek, black, and  useful.  

A close up of the products.  The J. Cat pencil isn't as awful as the last J. Cat product (awful awful body glitter), and the Be a Bombshell is about as lacklustre as the rest of their products.  At first I was pretty disappointed that I was getting sample sized perfumes in my bag (those come for free at the Sephora or Shoppers counter and don't belong in a service I pay for).  However I was pleasantly surprised that these were much larger than expected.  Sadly, I won't get the apparent use of them because they arrived like this:

Signature Fragrances by English Laundry
Value $1? (Value taken away for the spilled product)

The men's fragrance on the left was 3/4 gone, and about 1/4 was missing from the female version.  Given that my bag had a strong smell, and some of my packaging was stained it was evident that through out my bag a whole sample of perfume was floating around.  The mix of the two scents isn't pretty, and has even ruined the pretty black bag that I love so much.  Le sigh.

See the yellow-orange? That was my perfume...

Additional note, am I supposed to just automatically hand over half of this gift to my boyfriend?  Do couples actually do matching fragrances?  I guess I will never know what it is like to have a matching couples perfume, because the men's one is all over my bag.  My boyfriend will probably be okay with that, so at least there is one positive note.

The One Stick by Be a Bombshell in "Girl Crush" (Pearly baby pink)
Value $16

This product is thicker than expected.  I thought it would be more of a lipstick.  So that's nice.  Its too pale to be a proper blush, and too pink to be an eyeshadow for me, but this will probably be an okay highlighter?  One swipe uses a whole lot of product so I don't expect this to last all too long. Also, too much glitter.  I applied it this morning with a brush and it took a lot of product for it to show up.

Big Lip Pencil by J. Cat in "Caramel Mocha"
Value $3.99

This is a waxy stick.  The colour pay off is nice, and it is sort of pretty.  My lips but better?  Alas, I have about 15 lipstick-glosses that I would pick before this one.  


Strip Lashes (fake eyelashes) by Andrea
Value $3.49

Major flash lashes.  Save them for next halloween?

 Bright Up Your Life Eyeshadow Trio in "Smokin Hot" (Black/Grey/White)
Value $6

These grey scale eyeshadows resemble this set by Smashbox that I already own.  I love Smashbox shadows because they are creamy, blendable, and long-lasting.  I haven't loved any of the Pop products that Ipsy has sent me before, so I won't even bother to take off the plastic.  In the re-gifting pile it goes!  Overall I am not terribly pleased with this bag.  Heres to hoping Topbox can keep me happy for a few months.  Nothing much to "Celebrate" here.

Total Value $30.48
What I paid $18
What I will actually use $3.99

Update-- IpsyCare got back to me.  They will be sending me a new bag as a result of the perfume spilling and ruining a few things.  I was told that they can't guarantee that I get the exact same items the 2nd time around.  That's fine given how little I liked this bag.  Here's hoping for the eyeshadow brush!  I requested it, so I would be pumped if I received it.

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