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Sunday 15 December 2013


My Favourite Ole (say Oola) Henriksen Products
From Left to Right

As previously mentioned my first interaction with Ole Henriksen was at a Sephora event where I got to meet the man behind the brand, and have an amazing mini-facial.  I have traditionally been skeptical of expensive face products after a short, ineffective, stint with Boscia which ended up being returned to Sephora for store credit (which in turn bought the scrub featured in this post...).

I start every morning with cutting one of the wipes in half and clearing my face.  I also go this at night.  I cut the sheets in half because they are expensive, and I hate to see some of the product go to waste.  They have a delicious vanilla-orange scent not online the best creamsicle I could possible imagine.  They leave my face feeling fresh and clean, and are effective at make-up removal.

Then I apply some of the Truth Crème Vitamin C Advanced Hydration.  It also smells of oranges, and summer time, and all things good in the world.  Though not as yummy as the wipes.  I love how light and hydrating it is.  Now that this deluxe sample is almost done I want to try Nurture Me (another of their hydrating creams) because when I tried it at the store it felt like a cushion for my skin.

At night time I apply some of the crème followed by two pumps of the Pure Truth Vitamin C Youth Activating Oil (basically liquid gold but for your face).  It has more of a pungent orange scent which I have pretty much gotten over.  The oil is bright orange in colour and is great for healing acne, rashes, bumps, irritation, and anything else that could possible be wrong.  I swear by this stuff, and oil in beauty products in general.  This stuff is packed with all of the good things.  It took a few weeks to get use to going to bed with an oily face, but after seeing the results I just can't complain!  It makes my skin feel dewy, soft, and generally perfect.

Walnut Complexion Scrub

In the shower I start off with this scrub.  It has a delicious sweet nutty scent and leaves my face feeling clean.  Then I follow up with either of their cleansers.  I have samples of both and am still going back and forth between the orange one and the foaming one.  They btw smell good and leave my skin feeling clean, but I think I am leaning to the orange gel.  Back to the scrub- it exfoliates my skin with out being too rough and leaves me feeling fresh.

Blue/Black Berry Enzyme Mask

When I think of a mask I think of a clay mask, so seeing this clear jelly had me a little confused.  Apply a generous amount and let it sit for about 20 minutes.  It applies cool to the skin and leaves a light tingly sensation.  When removed with warm water (it doesn't exactly dry) it leaves skin looking simply radiant.  It feels like the outer layer of skin is all gone, replaced by something new and fresh.  The product says to apply it two-three times per week, however I find once a week is sufficient for me.  More than that I think would be overkill.  After I am done with the mask I like to apply some of my magic liquid gold skin oil and let it soak in all its glory.

Over all brand impression: I can't stop using the words "fresh" and "clean" to describe how this brand makes me feel.  I have never been so in love with a skin care line.  Honestly it makes me feel like I am feeding my skin all of the things it needs to shine and glow.  After using this skin care routine for two days I saw noticeable improvement and after four days my wind burn was all gone.  I can't ever see myself leaving this brand for my skin.  Three weeks later and I have no regrets.  If its good enough for his long time clients Jessica Alba and Ellen DeGeneres then its good enough for me!  His products smell delicious, and feel luxurious.  But the best part is just how good they are for your skin. 

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Amazing skin.
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Look at that skin!

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