Julep November 2013 - Right At Home

Wednesday 11 December 2013

For my November Julep I ended up deciding on "Classic With a Twist", and adding a polish on.

Sheila is described as a "Cherry pie red crème".  Once I put it on I fell in love with the classic, bold shade.

Cynthia is a "Desert sand microglitter".  While pretty in the bottle, I don't love wearing it.

It came with the Julep Lip Gloss in Glowing, a "Sheer light pink gloss".  The gloss is nice?  Standard?  Rather unremarkable.  I really, really wanted Charming, which is more of a mauve-pink.  But I just didn't love the polishes it came with.

Lola is the navy satin finish.  I love navy, but I ordered this one to see what exactly a "satin finish" is.  That, and it was 4.99

See how pretty the orange-red is?  I can't wait to rock this at some Christmas Parties!

Note: There will be no December Julep post as I have already received it, and wrapped it up as a gift for my little cousin.  Lucky girl!  They eyeshadow is super pretty.

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