Pretty Things and Christmas Cheer

Friday 13 December 2013


White & Gold Bow Bracelets, $18
Also in pink, red, and black.

I first spotted these beautiful little bracelets last month while browsing Indigo for a gift.  I loved it, but was not excited about the idea of spending $18 for a bracelet at Indigo (maybe if this was Tiffany's...).  Feeling all the virtue of self-restraint I put it back.  Fast forward two weeks and it was on sale for 50% off.  I debated getting just the white one, or also grabbing the pink one.  Instead of coming up as $9 & tax it came up to $5 and change.  Decision made.  White and pink purchased.  Regrets? None.

Kate Spade Stationary

Adorable.  Simply adorable.  The little tumbler mug? Thank-you cards?  That journal?!?  If only I had a use for such beautiful little pieces of paper.  The black journal "Leave Something To The Imagination" would be the perfect travel journal for my upcoming winter vacation.  But for now I will admire from a far.  Last time I practiced restraint at Indigo I came back to find my beloved on for 50% off.  Here's to hoping that Indigo is just as king next time I drop by?

Ole Henriksen Event
Sephora, Eaton's Centre

Earlier this month Ole Henriksen has an event at my local Sephora.  They started the event with little snacks (fresh fruit, nuts, and Perrier.... mmm) and an introduction to Ole himself.  Next up was a mini-facial that left my skin oh-so-soft and a photo with Ole.  He was so charismatic, and left all the girls there feeling like a star (he is the man behind Katy Perry's flawless skin).  I will review the products later.  However the vase of flowers and oranges that was beside me during my facial was delightful.  I can't wait to recreate that this spring or summer.

You know what else made this the best Sephora event I have ever been to?  Leaving with a good number of fancy samples.  And perfect skin.

541 Queen Street West

Mamma Loves You Vintage is located on Queen Street West, between Spadina and Bathurst.  Though they carry a whole bunch of vintage things what draws me in every time I wait for the streetcar is their little bowls of rings.  At $5 a pop, I have so far picked up two.

I Know How To Cook
Indigo $10

Mainly I think this book is adorable.  But also my mother maintains that I can not cook.  Therefore she should get this for me.  Given that this is unlikely, I will likely get it for myself sooner rather than later.

Spotted at about Queen Street West & Portland

I love cats.  I love Christmas.  Easy :)

Home-made Glitter Jars
Perfect for mascara, lip gloss, eyeliner, etc.

Last month I learned how to make these beauties and now doing my makeup every morning has gotten a little bit more glamourous.  Next month I plan to put together a post showing how to make these.  Its incredibly simple.

Hope you enjoyed some of the pretty things I have come across in my travels of Toronto.  This was a fun post to write, so I may write a few more!

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