Josie Maran Colour Stick and Lipstick

Friday 13 December 2013


Josie Maran was a big fashion model.  However, she did not like all of the chemicals found in the luxury make-up that was constantly being used on her for shoots.  So she founded her own company where 100% Argan Oil is the signature ingredient.  

Oils are the big thing in make-up right now.  From cleansers to hair treatments, from skin moisturizers to shampoos they are everywhere.  I was first curious to try this product because of the Argan Oil component.  Currently I use a Moroccan Oil Shampoo/Conditioner and I really enjoy how soft and silky it makes my hair.  Given how cold Canadian winters can get, a little extra moisture can hardly hurt!

I am a big fan of rose gold.  The packaging is beautiful.  I really enjoy some of the phrases on the colour stick: soothes and heals, vitamin e and essential fatty acids, ultra-hydrating, multi-tasking balm for lips, cheeks...anywhere!

I love how warm and universal "Spice" is.  Described as a "nude warm brown" on, I would describe it as more of a dusty rose (even though that is actually the colour name of another stick in the collection).  As first I thought the smell was rather strange, but it has grown on me.  It smells natural (though my boyfriend says "Dish soap") but indistinct.  

"Spice" can be used on your cheeks or lips, though I prefer just using it on my cheeks.  I take a stippling brush and then apply it gently in layers.  Though not super highly pigmented, a little goes a long way.  I love the natural looking flush it leaves me with, and the idea that it is doing good for my skin while I brave winter walking between classes.

I tend to prefer matte finish bold lipsticks.  However I really enjoy this one.  Colour in the middle, wrapped in a clear, hydrating balm.  It has a light to medium coverage and is super easy to apply mirror-free!  It doesn't have the natural scent of the colour stick which is nice.  The colour in the middle is just gorgeous, so sometimes if I want a more bold look I will take a lip brush and just draw from the core.  All in all, glad I bought this.  

Swatching the products, you can tell that the colours are quite similar and do compliment each other.  The colour stick is on top, with the lipstick on the bottom.  

Note: When applied with the stippling brush the colour stick is not this dark and pigmented.  

And finally, a little note on the bottom of the lipstick.

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