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Wednesday 8 July 2015


As many of you probably know, I spent some time in Europe in May.  If you want to read a bit about my trip, check out my post about it here.  Today I wanted to get into a bit more detail about some of the Essence products I purchased while I was in Germany.  Essence is a German brand, which means it was not only cheap and easy to find, but it also came with a huge selection.  In Canada we are limited to an end cap at Shoppers, in Germany the Essence selection is as wide as the Revlon selection is here.  I tried my best to only purchase European exclusives while I was there, but it is my understanding that many of the products I purchased there are either currently available, or will be available soon in drug stores across North America!
I wish I could remember every price, but suffice to say that just like in Canada, every product was very inexpensive.  I would peg each product at 5 Euros Each or less (so no ore than say $7.50?)

I put an ask out to the ladies in the CBB group to see if anybody was interested in me picking up any products for them from Europe.  One girl asked me to pick her up some Blush Up blushes, so I brought her back a pink one and an orange one.  But when I saw the pink one I knew I had to get one for my self!  Blush Up 20 Pinky Flow is a pink obmré blush with a gradient between baby pink and bright pink.  I usually swirl it all together for a rosey glow, however you can also concentrate the brush on either end of the blush for softer or brighter blush.  Wear time is average, but for the price I can't complain!

I was really excited about finding a full eyeshadow palette. It came in three other colours (the purple one was beautiful, and in hind sight I should have purchased it, but oh well!) but I was most attracted to the bronze.  Bronzing Babe Eyeshadow Palette has seven shadows and a skinny brush with a brush on one end and a sponge applicator on the other.  The packaging also has a large mirror which is very useful both for travel and application.  The packaging is sturdy, and entirely exceeds expectations given the price.

essence bronzing babe eyeshadow palette

essence bronzing babe eyeshadow palette swatches

essence bronzing babe eyeshadow palette swatches

The shadows don't have names, but even from this photo it is pretty easy to tell the duds and the stars apart.  The first shadow is a matte nude with a bit of a yellow tone to it.  It makes for a great base colour.  While the swatch does not show up too well in photos, it is quite nice.  The second shadow is a sparkly gold that has zero staying power, and leaves your face covered in glitter.  The third is a shimmery baby pink that also has major fallout issues.  However, the shadow left behind is a pretty pearl that is great for the inner corner and under the brow bone.

Now, onto the good stuff!  Next is a metallic gold that is simply a dream to apply.  It is most similar to Half Baked in the Naked palette.  While it isn't the same quality as Urban Decay, this gold is pretty, and delicate.  A reasonable dupe when you take to account the vast cost difference.  The next shadow is a metallic bronze that is the exact same formula as the gold, only it is bronze.  And, the next shadow is also very similar: metallic brown is a bit more muted than the gold or bronze, but applies just as nicely.  Finally, metallic rich brown is the last shade.  It has less sparkle than the last three and would be a great crease colour.  The included brush is pretty useless, but great for swatches!

As you can tell, the real winners in this palette are the four darker shadows.  The lighter shadows are either nearly impossible to notice, or suffer from major fallout issues.  However, given the price, I would entirely recommend this palette to you should it come to Canada.  I know I will be looking around for its purple sister!

essence swatches

I <3 Nude in 02 Cake Pop is a beautiful pearlized baby pink.  Lately I have loved applying this to my whole lid and then adding a pop of a matte mauve or plum in the crease and calling it a day.  It is a very flattering shadow with a good wear time (of course improved with a primer) and minimal fallout issues.  This is one of my favourite items I picked up in Germany!  

I <3 Nude in 03 Crème Brûlée is a very flattering pale golden champagne.  Again, this shadow looks great applied all over the lid, though I prefer a brown or bronze in the crease with this little guy.  It is the same beautiful formula as Cake Pop and I hope to pick them up in a few more shades when I get the chance! These are great to pop in my purse for on the go touch ups and in a pinch can double as a highlighter.

Both shadows have a dome shape and a consistency similar to that of other eyeshadows that advertise themselves as "baked".

Cake Pop all over my lid with a pop of Nars Bali in the crease, Smashbox Always Sharp 3D Liner in Orchid and Clinique High Impact Mascara.  This whole look took under 3 minutes!

I also found some beautiful matte XXXL Longlasting Lipglosses in "06 Soft Nude" and "07 Silky Red".  I would not describe these as traditional matte liquid lipsticks.  These are more so semi-matte lipglosses.  They feel wonderful on my lips, and are honestly the least drugstore matte lippie I have ever worn-- they even rival some higher end brands.  Silky Red is a traditional bright blue based red (my favourite colour for matte lippies) that would look flattering on anybody.  However, the real star for me is Soft Nude.  I feel so sexy when I wear this, it hugs my lips and really is the perfect my-lips-but-better.  With the semi-matte finish it looks sweet but in a grown up way.  I can't entirely describe it, but I love wearing it, it makes me feel sexy, and it is comfortable on my lips.  Both of these lippies have a sweet bakery scent about them. Its not quite vanilla, but it smelly yummy!

Wearing Soft Nude

Wearing Silky Red

My lips felt so soft and tasted so sweet between swatches!  Silky Red leaves behind a bit of a stain.  These are actually the best drugstore lip glosses that I have ever worn.  I need this product in an orange-red!

Out of all of these products, I am really hoping the matte lipglosses make their way to Canada.  If you have seen any of these at the drugstore in Canada let me know where in the comments!