LUSH Solid Shampoo Bar in Seanik and Big Solid Conditioner

Thursday 9 July 2015

lush seanik solid shampoo

I've always been curious about Lush's solid shampoo bars.  My mom has one that she swears by, but I have never taken the plunge.  Recently Lush released Seanik, which is described as lemon and seaweed for shine and body.  Something about my intense wanderlust to go to a beach, my love of Lush products, and my interest in products that make travel easier made me decide to pick it up, and I am glad that I did!
To celebrate Shark Week I have been posting about some of my favourite bath and body products that are good for you and good for the environment.  You can read about my favourite bars of soap here!

Seanik retails for $11.95 and I have been told it lasts 80-100 washes if you let it dry between uses.  I also picked up Big Solid Conditioner which retails for $9.95 per 100 g.  Before trying either I was the most skeptical about the solid conditioner, because as a long hair girl, conditioner is life.  Seanik has a beautiful summery beach scent to it.  Big Solid Conditioner has a pleasant neutral cream scent.

lush seanik solid shampoo and big solid conditioner

Look at those little seaweed flecks!

To use a solid shampoo I make sure my whole head of hair is wet.  Then I scrub it through my roots, set it aside, and massage it from root to tip.  While in the shower my hair did not feel as soft as it usually does post shampoo pre condition, I kept going in the name of blogging science.  After using the conditioner my hair did not feel as slippery as it usually does post-condition.  Its not that it felt bad, or un-soft, it just lacked the slip I am use to.

After my hair was given a chance to dry it felt just as soft as normal, but at the same time lighter.  My second day texture was at the top of its game, so bonus points for that!  In general my hair was less frizzy, and softer than usual.  I was really surprised with how great this combo was, and I can't wait to try another solid shampoo bar soon (right now my eyes are set on Ultimate Shine).  

Now that I know how great these two work for me, I can't wait to bring them on my next overseas trip.  Usually my shampoo and conditioner take up so much precious suitcase real estate, if I can save space using these guys then I have more room for souvenirs.  Heck, I might even be able to become one of those girls who can just pack in a carry on (since these aren't liquid!).

lush big solid conditioner

Before I cut it up into little tiny bits

lush big solid conditioner

The only draw back for the conditioner bar is the amount of product you stand to lose down the drain both during your shower and between showers.  To remedy this I cut the conditioner bar into about 12 smaller cubes, each good for one use (for me-- my hair is down to my waist).  I wrapped them back into their wrapper and take out one as needed.  This can also save packing space if you are just going for a weekend trip!

Over all I am really thrilled with these two solid purchases.  I was not sure what to expect, but my hair feels just as clean and silky, if not more so, than usual.  I recommend these products, and plan to pick up at least one more shampoo!  The sharks are happy too because when it goes down the drain it doesn't ruin the environment.  If you are going camping you could even wash your hair in the lake with these guys!

What are your favourite new finds?  Happy Shark Week!


  1. I love this! I wish I still had cable tv to watch shark week!
    I've never heard of solid shampoo or conditioner before-- but because I can't use bath bombs (no bathtub *sigh*) this would fulfill my love of Lush! Sounds great for packing and for sure camping!
    Gotta pick some up next time I pass by the Eaton Centre!

    1. You should give them a try! Before I had a bath tub I would always buy a few bath bombs before staying in a hotel if I was travelling x) Let me know what you think of them!

  2. Amendment: The scent is more of a lavender cream than a neutral cream.