Versatile Blogger Award | Getting To Know Me Better

Sunday 19 July 2015

Ugh so lately I have been in a bit of a blog rut over this whole instagram thing.  I'll probably do a post with all of the details some time soon, but right now I'm just frustrated.  In the mean time I have decided to give it another shot.  Please follow me @alanna.victoria and hopefully this one will work.  

Here is a pretty flower that I edited the heck out of.

Last weekend I was scrolling through other beauty blogs when I came across the Versatile Blogger Award on Melanie's blog.  She didn't tag anybody and rather encouraged others to answer it, so I thought I would give it a try!  I love these posts because they let me get to know other bloggers, and for my readers to get to know me. With that in mind I am going to try to keep my facts away from the beauty realm.


Thank the person who nominated you
Share 7 facts about you
Nominate 15 other blogs

My 7 Facts:

1. My first job was working at a summer camp in Muskoka.  I had so much fun there, and now my little brother is working there and his friends are posting photos and meanwhile I am working in an office.  I know I have outgrown my time at camp, but it was pretty sweet to get to jump in the lake whenever and use the high ropes course.

2. I have a serious addiction to traveling.  This year I went to Poland and Germany, and I think I want to go to Spain next.  Something about the beachey vibe of Barcelona is really giving me travel lust lately.  I've also been wanting to do a girls trip to NYC or a road trip in California.  If I could afford it I would totally be a travel blogger on the side.

3. I recently graduated University and am now officially in the adult world, which is scary and fun all at the same time.  Right now I am doing an internship but once I land a stable long term job in the fall I plan to put a heavy focus on saving money (after I buy myself a little splurge to celebrate.  Yorkville, I'm waiting for you!)

4. I don't really know how to cook, but I do know how to read, so that is basically the same thing.  My boyfriend often teases me for not knowing how to cook, but every time I do I do a great job because I just follow the instructions.  That may not be fancy, but it works!

5.  I really enjoy watching Reality TV (The Bachelorette, Kate Plus 8, Breaking Amish, wedding shows, etc).  I can't really explain why, I just do!

6. As I kid I really hated pink, I was super girly, but I really, really hated pink.  Now that I'm older pink is one of my favourite colours to wear, though Navy will always have my heart.  Funny how feelings towards colours can change!

7. Diet coke = life

I am not tagging anybody specific, but if you feel inspired to answer this on your own blog please do and let me know!  Happy answering!  xoxo


  1. Yay! Glad you were able to find my post and do this! :)

    It's nice that you are able to have those happy memories from camp. I'm sure you get a blast from the past when you hear about it from your brother!

    I just graduated too! It's weird to think about even though I've been done for a couple of months now. I start a new job mid August so I'm sure it will hit then!

    1. Haha it was fun! Congrats on the job! I'm sure it will all hit then. Yeah its pretty funny when he texts me now about camp!